My Life

People who talk bad,tomorrow their gonna be your friends

Iker Casillas

He is Role model to me because one day i wanna follow in his footsteps to become a better goalie and hopefully play profesional one day. Its my dream to be the way he is right now,they way he is and the way he reacts to one another. He is very humble and i love the way he cares about other people most important the little guys.

My Future Goals

When I get out of high School I wanna be an architect,I love making houses models of any kind and imma get my masters degree for 4 years.Then go live maybe in California or even go to Europe cause I also love to travel.I was thinking of being a Fashion designer cause I love style and fashion and why not be one

Something that I'll never change

Something that I'll never change is myself because I have my skills and my work that get done almost every day.Also I work on my condition to get where I need to be

Me and my friend

He has been my friend since 2 years ago we go to the same church together and he has help me basically through everything in life that I been struggling with and he goes to the same school as I do. I hope that each one of us can be successful and support in many way from what we wanna do