Mollie Davis

Typing Web

Typing Web is how we learn to type . We are timed while we type to promote swiftness. Before class we type for five minutes . I have noticed that I am starting to type faster . Once you start to get more advanced it starts to give harder lessons . We are expected to finish the intermediate section by the first quarter.


An Itrailer is a short video that we make . We may make the Itrailer on anything that we would like to film . We can film everything from pets to sports . While we are filming and editing we can add sound affects and music .


Haiku Deck is a presentation app . We planned our dream jobs that we would love to do when we get older . You can make slides like a power point . You can totally customize your backgrounds to match your slide. You plan how much collage will cost and where you will go .


Coding is an online website that we use to find out how to program a computer . The website uses games like Flappy Bird and Angry Birds to help us learn . I have noticed that it gets easier and easier each time your do a lesson because you learn how to code faster .


Explain Everything is an app that creates slides that have a voice over . You will pick one math problem and solve it using this app . You must have at least three slides. Over all I really like this app . You are sure to have fun while using this app .


Career Locker is an online website that helps you plan for your future . You decide what you want to do as a job . It also helps you decide where you are going to collage . If you are a planner like me you are going to love working with this website .