Cosy Country Cottage

The great outdoors in a sweet and comfortable package.


Have you ever wanted to speak an animal language? Well now you can at Cosy Country Cottage!!! With the help of Mia (one of our top workers) you could be having a conversation with a Diving Dolphin in no time!!!!

Edible goodies.

Enjoy our delicious meals and scrumptious snacks that have been cooked by our professional chef ( Erica ). Whether you are vegan, vegetarian, omnivore, carnivore or have allergies to some foods, we will provide you with delicious delectables. You can also bring your own food to cook yourself or have bought somewhere else to have some variety. Your choice.


Cosy Country Cottage is animal friendly. Therefore you are aloud to bring pets to this hotel and not have to put them in a kennel.