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EDGE Team Mission

The goal is to prepare our dancers in an accelerated and advanced program. EDGE Team will be designed to prepare dancers for KJ’s PULSE competitive company program, outside curriculum programs, OR advanced continued dance training. All EDGE Team dancers will participate in two local workshops/competitions and will perform in the KJ Giving Gala, #TheHolidayWay Show, and KJ Annual Concert. The goal is to experience being part of a team and working toward common goals in a stress free, fun environment. This energetic group of dancers will participate in this program with an accelerated technical curriculum. EDGE dancers learn valuable skills, such as exploring their individual creativity, along with working as a team for a common purpose.

What is EDGE Team

EDGE Team is a team of dancers that takes a minimum of 3 hours a week, and has the ability to compete a competition dance twice a year. They also take part in our annual Giving Gala, and Holiday Way Show. This unique group of dancers trains together each week at a higher level than dancers taking one or two classes at KJ. We are excited about our 3rd year developing this program, and look forward to another great season with this team.


EDGE Team Requirements:

- Audition at the North Texas Dance Intensive June 8th-11th or August 9th-13th.


- Complete the Intent to Audition Form


- EDGE DANCERS are required to train in the 3 core EDGE classes on either Monday evenings

from 4:30-7:30 or Thurs. 5:30-8:30.

- All EDGE dancers will learn 1 dance to compete at 2 local competitions.

- Purchase the EDGE backpack and EDGE Team jacket

What are the 3 core classes all EDGE Team dancers must take weekly?

Ballet, jazz and contemporary are the three core classes EDGE dancers will train in each week.

* All EDGE dancers will have the option to take several other optional classes such as hip hop, EDGE leveled tap classes, select ballet, drill team and EDGE technique. KJ Admin places all dancers who make the team into their three core classes. If your dancer auditions and is accepted onto the EDGE Team, parents make register them for these additional classes.

What is the select EDGE ballet class?

This is an additional ballet speciality class for those dancers that are chosen, by invite only. This class will take place on Thursdays at 5:30-6:30pm. Invites for the additional ballet class will be sent on August 13th with the EDGE Team placements.

What is the monthly tuition for EDGE Team?

3 Core Classes= $255 (3 hours/wk)

3 Core Classes + 1 additional= $320 (4 hours/wk)

3 Core Classes + 2 additional= $378 (5 hours/wk)

3 Core Classes + 3 additional= $410 (6 hours/wk)

What will my dancer wear to class in the fall?

The leotard color for KJ EDGE is RED! We are excited for this new standout color for these standout dancers. All EDGE dancers are expected to wear clean pink tights, red leotards, pink ballet shoes, black tap shoes that tie (no mary jane tap shoes please), tan jazz shoes, and hair pulled away from their face. For tap and jazz class, dancers may wear biker shorts and other dance wear with their red leotard.

When will our dancers receive their EDGE Jacket and Backpack?

EDGE dancers will receive their EDGE gear in August. Once the EDGE Team is announced, families will get a form to complete about all their EDGE Team gear.

Save the Dates:

June 8th-11th-Audition #1- North Texas Dance Intensive- CLICK HERE FOR INFO.

June 13th- Summer EDGE classes begin


July 27th- Last week of Summer classes

August 10th-13th- Audition opportunity #2- North Texas Dance Intensive

August 13th- EDGE Team Placement Emails sent at 10pm

August 14th- EDGE Team classes begin

Need more info?

Please watch the KJ EDGE recorded introductory ZOOM here!



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