Molly Pitcher: American War Hero

Molly Pitcher at the Battle of Monmouth by Gilbert Gaul

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Story Truth

By: Kristen Daniel

The amazing story of Molly Pitcher, a lady who stepped up to fire a cannon when needed, is a great example of true patriotism. Molly Pitcher, a nurse on the battlefield, witnessed the death of the solider firing the cannon and truly stepped up for her country. She had seen the men firing the cannon enough to pick up on the basics of the job. Therefore, with the fall of this solider, Pitcher knew she needed to help her country win the war. She took on the hard labor of a man by preparing the cannon to be fired for hours that day, even as she was shot at repeatedly. This heroic woman is a true American who would sacrifice her own life for her country. She is a woman who should not only inspire women all across America but also men to make sacrifices to support their country.

Happening Truth

By: Kristen Daniel

In the Battle of Monmouth in June of 1778, Mary Hays carried water to the thirsty soldiers under fire from the British. When her husband collapsed and was carried off of the battlefield, Mary Hays took his place at his cannon. Once, a cannon ball came so close, that it actually went between her legs, ripping her petticoat. She is known to have said something along the lines of, "Well, that could have been worse," and went back to firing her cannon. The nickname "Molly Pitcher" is believed to have come from the soldiers' cry, "Molly! Pitcher!" when they were thirsty or when their overheated cannons needed to be cooled down.