By: Brianna Yost and Gabby Isaacks

Six Business Activities

1. Generating ideas: We are a family owned bakery and we have always baked at home, but we are finally ready to take it to the next step and share it with the community. We researched the other bakeries in town and saw what they had to offer before deciding what our specialties were going to be. We also visited the other bakeries and saw how much business they received and we thought we could compete with them.

2. Raising Capital: Our family help greatly with starting us off. Yet, we needed more money to buy a bakery so we had to go the bank and go a loan.

3. Employee & Training: We plan on keeping our employees within the family. Also we plan on hiring family friends since it is a family based business.

4. Buying Goods & Services: We intend on having things delivered from grocery stores as well as going to stores that sell things in bulk. An example of a store we would use is Sams.

5. Marketing Goods & Services: We are going to use the newspaper to advertise our bakery. We also are going to use the radio and eventually the phone book to advertise as well.

6. Maintaining Business Records: One of the people we are going to hire will be an accountant who will keep record books for us and help us maintain the bakery financially.

Business Etnity

Our business will be a partnership since we are sisters and plan on running it together. Some advantages of this are that we know each other very well so we can get a long easily. An advantage would be we won't have to pay income tax since we are a partnership. A disadvantage of a partnership is that our personal lives might get into the way. Another disadvantage is that we both have to pull our weight because if we didn't then it would be costly to the business.

Business Goals

1. Increasing profits by 5%

2. Cutting costs by 3%

3. Improving human resources

4. Improving efficiency in the kitchen

5. Build strong costumer relationships

Mission Statement of Bakeology

  • To provide quality services and products for the community.
  • To have a main priority to make sure our costumers leave happy.
  • To maintain a clean and safe environment as well as have the best quality ingredients.