Human Immunodeficiency Virus


How To Contract AIDs

HIV can be transmitted through any type of sexual contact with a person who is HIV positive. Drinking breast milk from a person who is HIV positive can leased to infection. Sharing needles with someone who is HIV positive can also lead to infection. Blood transfusions with someone who had HIV/AIDs is another why to contract this STD.

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Although there isn’t a cure for aids, treatments for it still need to be taken. These treatments can fight off other infections and illnesses, while strengthening the immune system. Treatment can also reduce the amount of the STD in your bloodstream, and prevent it from reproducing in your body. Not taking this treatment seriously or properly can increase the chances of developing an illness due to AIDS/HIV.

Your Responsibility

It’s your responsibility to let your partners know you have this disease. Whether is be a sexual partner, or “needle-sharing” partner. Even if this discussion makes you uncomfortable, you need to discuss the risks and the steps to take to keep both people in the relationship healthy. Take precaution when it comes to sexual activities, and take your treatment daily to remain healthy and reduce risks. You also have to inform your Dentist and Doctor.
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How does HIV affect the health of an unborn baby and mother?

Being HIV positive does not mean that your baby will also have HIV. If a mother is HIV positive you should take the right HIV drugs at the right time to prevent from passing HIV to your child. The mothers should not breastfeed. You can start the treatment for HIV before you get pregnant or during your pregnancy to lower the chances of becoming infected. Not having the treatment can lead to a higher chance of your child having HIV.