Megan's Bachelorette Party

This is to help us plan for Megan's special weekend

Where are we going?

Friday, June 26th, 3pm to Sunday, June 28th, 12pm

56th St

Ocean City, MD

The name of the place we are staying is Jamaica IV. There are four parking spots.

What do we need?

The button below will bring you to a form to sign up for things I thought we would want to have for the weekend. I am sure I overlooked/forgot about some key things we probably need. If you think of anything else that we should bring please list it in the comment section.

Ohh La La

Please bring a pair of underwear for the woman the weekend is all about, Megan. She is a medium. We will hang these on a clothesline and have the soon to be bride guess who brought what.

In case you needed some inspiration for the weekend...

Cyndi Lauper - Girls Just Want To Have Fun (Official Video)



  • Arrive and Decorate the condo. We will have to coordinate driving arrangements to make sure at least one group gets there before Megan and has the decorations to make the condo scandalous ; ) My thought is this is something we can discuss in the comment section and trade off items at Megan's bridal shower. I am open for other suggestions if someone has a better idea of making this happen.
  • Beach if time permits.
  • Order take out or go somewhere for a light dinner.
  • Stay in to play games. If Megan wants to go out though we could do this. I will bring Bra Pong and Sue is going bring Nail Polish or Porn. Details about these are below. Does anyone have Cards Against Humanity, Catch Phrase, or other group games we could play? Games are listed in the linked sign up above.


  • Hangover Breakfast. We can use Yelp or peoples recommendations to find a yummy spot to go.
  • BEACH. Start working on your base now ladies.
  • Pre-dinner we will display Megan's new underwear collection and have her guess who brought what.
  • Dinner at Fager Island and a night out on the town.


  • Play by ear. Possibilities are sleeping in, getting up for breakfast, going to the beach... My thought is we see how we feel Sunday morning and then decide what to do.
What is Bra Pong?

Click this button for details. I have a web-based bracket maker so we can put together the tournament. To avoid getting too tipsy too quickly my thought was we will do shots of beer or mixed drinks rather than straight liquor.

What is Nail Polish or Porn?

If you play this game well you may walk away with a fabulous prize : )