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The Twitter Challenge!

Growing Your PLN

What is a PLN?

A PLN is a tool that uses social media and technology to collect, communicate, collaborate and create with connected colleagues anywhere at any time. Participating educators, worldwide, make requests and share resources. (source)


Click the EDpuzzle link below to learn about a PLN. LOG IN AS A STUDENT.

Complete Challenge #1- What is a PLN?

LOG IN AS A STUDENT. Watch the video and complete the activity.

Let's Get Crackin'

Twitter is about all the interesting things in life, from interesting people - including you. And it is the conversation, that emerges because of it, that makes it so exciting. (source)

In this challenge, you will create a PROFESSIONAL Twitter account and change your profile picture!

Challenge #2: Start using Twitter!

To complete the challenge, you must have a profile picture that represents you!
Complete Challenge #2 - Profile Picture

Head to your Twitter account and upload a profile picture to complete this challenge.

Challenge #3- Know the Rules

Sharing classroom activities is a great way to promote the things happening on campus!

However, there are a few things you should know before you post!

  1. Check a child's FERPA/Web publishing permission.
  2. If you use a child's name, it should only be his/her first name.
  3. Group photos are encouraged (avoid individual images of students).

For more information, visit: Social Media Guidelines

Click the button below, to complete this challenge!

Complete Challenge #3

Click here to complete challenge #3.

Challenge #4- Follow the Leader

Make sure you search and follow:







Complete Challenge #4- Follow the Jones Staff

This will link to the spreadsheet of usernames for the Jones staff. Make sure you search and follow the Jones staff members!

Challenge 5 - Hashtag, What? @ Who?

In the previous challenge, you followed several people. The @ in front of the username is needed if you want to refer to that person in your tweet! If you found a great resource and you know a specific person in your PLN would like it, then make sure you include them in the tweet!

The use of a hashtag is a keyword and denotes a conversation. For example, #JonesPLN is a keyword we are using in this challenge. When you click on the hashtag #JonesPLN in any tweet, all of the tweets using that hashtag will populate on your stream so you can read and keep up with the conversation.

Try it!

  1. Search one of the following hashtags: #nisdproud #nisdgoogle #nisdedchat
  2. Read the conversation
  3. Like one or more of the tweets in that conversation.

Check out the list of educational hashtags you can search or use!

Challenge #6- Share Your Favorite Resource

Time to share your thoughts. You will find a video, website, or take a photo of something that you can share with your new PLN!


(See the anatomy of a tweet below.)

1. Message cannot be longer than 140 characters.

2. Copy the URL of the resource and PASTE it into the tweet.

3. Add the hashtag #JonesPLN at the end before you post.

**Revise your tweet if you are over the max. 140 characters).

Help - posting links on a tweet

Help - posting a photo on a tweet

Big image

Challenge #7- Mark Your Calendar

Join other NISD teachers in the bi-weekly Twitter chat!

Next chat: March 1, 2016 at 8PM.

Click here for more information