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Issue #2 Dec 9, 2015

Welcome to CSD Tech Link. This is a monthly publication from the Technology Staff Development Office. We are here to support your classroom technology integration needs. Helping our teachers link technology to their classroom is our #1 priority. Work with us.

First Up...Cheltenham Only Discussion Board

Earlier this week you may have gotten an invitation to join our CSD Tech Link Google Plus group. This is a private group for Cheltenham only teachers and support staff. Just sign into your Google account and go here. You can also navigate to plus.google.com and search for CSD Tech Link. You can only join with your Cheltenham account. Click on join and you are in.

We are hoping this will be a place where everyone can post examples of how they are using technology in the classroom or for personal workflow. Ask questions and anyone can answer. Many principals and teachers have already joined. Look for a daily tech tip and share one if you want.

We have heard from some other school districts who have said that Google Plus Communities has been a great tool for them to share and learn from each other when time and location don't allow staff to be together. Thanks for joining!


You Should Know ... About Google Educator Boot Camp

Are you interested in becoming a Google Certified Educator? Check out Google's Training Center if you think you may be interested in this. The MCIU has been hosting certification boot camps to prepare for this. There will be a level 1 course on April 11th and a level 2 course on March 2nd. Check out the MCIU to register.

On December 1st and 2nd we attended the Google Educator Certification Boot Camp hosted at the MCIU and delivered by Kiker Learning. Rich Kiker is 1 of only 5 Google for Education Partners for Professional Development. He is well known for his eLearning Solutions and is a top rated Google Certified Trainer. This was one of the most informative and productive conference/training sessions we have attended. Rich’s partnership with Google affords him the opportunity to share “inside scoop” information regarding Google’s strategic plans as they pertain to the Education industry.

Over the course of the two days we picked up some very useful tips and learned some new things that we wanted to share with you. See some of those highlights below or if you want to see our complete notes from the session check them out here.


Problem Solved...

  • Edit pdf files in Google Docs by right clicking on it from within your Google Drive and choosing open with docs. The built in optical reader will convert your pdf.
  • Restrict sharing settings for your files and folders.
  • Voice typing is now available.
  • Use the send and archive button when replying to email. It will remove the email from your inbox and archive it to your all mail. This is one way to get around the fact that you can’t see which emails you have replied to like we could when using Outlook.


  • Be a power Omnibox user. The Omnibox is your traditional address bar but in Chrome it can search the internet and perform other tasks. We did not know you could accomplish so much right from within your Omnibox! This is a huge time saver!

  • Add a reading passage to a form using the section break!

  • Use the Send From Gmail Chrome extension! See something important online that you want to send via Gmail...just click on the send from Gmail extension and a dialog box will open already populated with a subject and web link...just add to recipient name and you are done!

  • Use Ctrl + click to move a file to multiple folders, only one version of the file exist but it will “point” to multiple folders.




The GIST (Great Ideas that Start Things)

  • VideoNot.es Synchronize notes to a video. Connected to your Google Drive and shareable. Your students will need to have the VideoNot.es app installed in their Chrome Browser. Here is a video tutorial from edtechteacher.org.

  • When using Google Classroom, attach the rubric to the assignment and have the student self assess when they turn the assignment in.

  • Check out GeoGuessr. GeoGuessr is a web-based geographic discovery game. It uses a semi-randomized Google street view location and requires players to guess their location in the world using only the visible clues.


Polish Your PLC

Consider using Twitter lists. Add all of your favorite Twitter users to a list and then view only that list so you can filter out all of that other "digital noise". You can create multiple lists and categorize them by subject. Here are the directions for setting up a list.

Spotlight On Myers Elementary

Myers students are joining 10,000,000 students in more than 191,000 schools from around the world to participate in the Hour of Code this week. They will learn how technology impacts our lives, how computers are changing everything in our world, and why it's important to learn more about technology regardless of the career they choose. Students will learn the basic concepts of programming using drag-drop blocks and/or JavaScript to build their own Star Wars game.

Mrs. Rubin's lesson was amazing! The students loved it and were coding within minutes. Every student was engaged and focused and wrote lines and lines of code. It was truly a special day at Myers. (Nancy Hniedziejko)


Just For Fun

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