Academic Services Department

Fantastic Fair Fun!!

Dear Parents & Students,

Did you know that you do not have to be in 4H or FFA to enter items in the exhibit building at the Benton County Fair. Youth between the ages of 5 & 19 are eligible to make entries in many categories.

I am going to provide after-school opportunities for ALL students to make items to enter! See below for a list of dates and times for each age group. All materials will be provided. Please feel free to donate any recycled items (milk cartons, egg cartons, toilet paper/paper towel rolls, etc.).

Here is the BEST PART! Students who enter items in the fair will be eligible for a field trip to the Benton County Fair on 9/30/21. *subject to change due to Covid

Schedule & Activity

August 31st

5-8 years old

Rock Painting

September 2nd

Middle School

Cardboard Engineering

September 7th

9 yrs old - 5th grade

Rock Painting or Recycled Art

September 9th

5 - 8 years old

Miscellaneous Craft

September 14th

High School

Student Choice

September 16th

High School

Student Choice

All the details!

  • These activities will be held after school until 5 pm in the building for the assigned grade level.
  • Students can be picked up before 5.
  • All materials will be provided.
  • If the project is finished before the student leaves I will keep it and ensure that it is entered in the fair. I will deliver all items to the exhibit building at the fair. After the fair, I will pick up the items and ribbons (if any) and deliver to the student.