Atlantis Space Missions

By: Mounica Akula

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Atlantis is a space orbiter (the lightest ) it has orbited earth 4,480 times, traveling 126 million miles.

Atlantis was the 4th orbiter to be built by Rockwell international in south California, it weighs 151,315 lb.

Atlantis was named after r.v. Atlantis a research ship.

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Atlantis has flown 33 missions and 156 individuals piloted Atlantis, here are the first 3 missions:

1 ) 3 of October 1985 (STS-51-J)

2) 26 of November 1985 ( STS-61-B)

3) 2 of December 1988 ( STS-27)

Atlantis's last mission was STS-135 that was the last flight for the shuttle program, STS-135 launched on July 8, 2011 at 4:29 it landed on July 21, 2011 at 9:57.

It was the the only space orbiter who couldn't get power from the international space station (ISS), so it had to continue with power from fuel cells.

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Down Periods

NASA had planned to take out Atlantis in the fleet for it's third OMDP (orbiter maintenance down periods), they also wanted to use it's hulk for discovery and endeavor.

Atlantis however proved to be useful until July 2011 when it had it's last flight.

Atlantis is also known as "Britney" because it had so many fleet problems.

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Where is Atlantis today?

Charles Bolden (administrator for NASA) announced that Atlantis will be permanently put in KSC.

Atlantis will be displayed at Kennedy space center with other orbiters that have been decommissioned.

On June 29, 2013 the exhibit for Atlantis will open.

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