Let's Get Moving

7.7 Know there is a relationship between force and motion

Unit Objective

Students will learn about force, motion, and energy and the application of these principles through simple machines.

What is a simple machine?

In order to learn about simple machines, it is important to first know what the definition of a simple machine is and how these relate to force, motion, and energy.
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Exploring Force and Motion

Simple Machines Project

Grade level 7

Build a Simple Machine

Technology Tool: PicWall

I'm a Newton

In this project you will take the position of an inquisitive scientist and relate objects we are familiar with to the concepts of force and motion. This will be an independent research project.

Step 1: Each student will select an item from theirs"personal" collection

- This might include CDs, books, dolls, video games, controllers, clothing, or any small, singular object

Step 2: Create a research and development plan that identifies the following elements

- The name you will give to your transport system

- The product it is designed to move

-The energy source you will utilize to power your machine

Research and development plan must be approved before you continue to the next step

Step 3: Research

Step 4: Product Development

Step 5: Presentations

Guiding Questions

-What is the shape of the object? What are the dimensions? What is the weight?

-Will your "product mover" work only for a particular object or will you design it so that it might transport other products as well?

Need Additional Help?

Here are some links that will help if you are having trouble with some of the concepts.

Step 4: Product Development

Goal of this project: To build a machine that moves an object (the product) from one place to another in the classroom

Step 5: Communication

Each student will give a presentation that is an overview of the research that led him/her to the design solution

Use PicWall App to showcase a collage of the pictures you took during the building of your machine. Starting material to final product.

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I'm a Newton Project

Monday, Feb. 17th, 8am

Room 204

Project due at the start of class.