Saddle Up and Read

May 2016

Everyone has worked hard this year, reading at school and home, taking AR tests and participating in cowboy cash activities. As a culminating event, we plan to make the Reading Rodeo exciting and fun for everyone! All students PreK-5 will attend the events on Monday, May 23rd. We will have a variety of guest presenters that the students will be able to visit. The AR store will be open for business and students will be able to spend their cowboy cash that day. If you can help at this event in any way, please contact Ms. Howe. All library books are due back in the library on Friday, May 13th so that inventory can begin. All students who have their library books back by this date will receive a BONUS $20 in cowboy cash! Encourage your child to check at home and at school for any missing books. Please see Bedford County policy at the bottom of this page regarding missing library books. Thank you for your continued support in making our students great readers! We have enjoyed working with you to motive your child(ren) to read this year! We encourage you to take advantage of the summer reading program at your local public library. Your friends in the saddle, Mrs. Simpson, Reading Specialist Ms. Howe, Library Media Specialist Mrs. Parlier, Principal “Student’s parents must reimburse the school for any outstanding bills including, but not limited to, fees, lost, broken, destroyed, or unreturned school property before the student is allowed to participate in graduation ceremonies. “