When I was a baby, my dad wanted me to grow up and play softball. When I was seven, I played my first season of softball. I ended up loving it, so I continued to play. I played on an all-star team in 8u, at a league called Balcones. When I moved up to 10u, I tried out for an all-star team at another league called, Bonita Valley. When I didn’t make the team, I was heartbroken, however, I used that to motivate me to practice more and get better so that the following year I could make the team. I practiced every day, but what I focused on the most was on defense.

Soft Hands

I worked hard on fielding, I played catch with my dad every day, even if it was just in my front yard. He would move his glove around giving me targets to hit, this helped me on my throwing accuracy. I played shortstop, so I would have to make the long throw to first, especially on a ball hit deep in the whole. We would lift a lot of weights, making sure I was strong and able to make the throw and get it there quick. My dad would always hit me balls and show me how to absorb the ball so that I can bring it out of my glove and fire the ball to make the play. “Soft hands”, my dad would say, “Absorb the ball into your glove with soft hands.”

Derek Jeter

One time, I played against a team called, Hippie Chicks. The Hippie Chicks were my old team that I had left, because my coach started benching me every game. I was looking forward to playing them because I wanted to show my old coach what I could do at shortstop. I played shortstop the entire game, which was a good thing. About ten balls were hit to me the whole game and I made all ten outs. I made the plays even when they were hit deep in the hole, and it was one of their fastest runners. After the game, I was really happy and pleased with my performance. My coach gave me a hug, and said I did a great job at shortstop. When I told my dad, he said that every time there was a ball hit to me, he would look at my old coach and he could see how frustrated he was getting when I would make the plays. I was really happy and that night, my old coaches daughter texted me saying that I did a great job and that I looked like Derek Jeter out there, who was a shortstop for the New York Yankees and my favorite baseball player!

Hard Work Pays Off

After all those years of playing softball at recreational leagues and all-star teams, I am now on a select team called Texas Stix 99’. I catch, play shortstop, second, and right field for my team. I know that the only reason I’m playing on a select team, is because of all my hard work and dedication I put into softball. All my hard work has resulted into making me an expert at fielding.