Assistive Technology

For Hearing Disabilities in the Classroom

About Mono Audio on a Mac device

Mono Audio: By Katie Kaczmarczyk

Students with hearing disabilities has a disadvantage with some of the audio contained on left and right channel audio recordings. Mac OS X has a technology called Mono Audio that can help these students by playing both the left and right audio channels in both ears. This allows for balance and greater volume in either ear.

In the classroom, this will assist students so they can experience read alouds, lessons, educational videos, or even educational games.

How to enable Mono Audio on an iPhone or iPad

Step-by-Step instructions

  1. Launch the Settings App on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Tap on General.
  3. Tap on Accessibility.
  4. Under the Hearing section, turn On the option for Mono Audio.
  5. Hit the home button to save this new setting.
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Why use Mono Audio?

For students with hearing impairments, we need to insure they are receiving the same level of information as all students in the classroom. Technology is so helpful and enhancing instruction. Mono Audio is will enable more opportunity for students that are in need of hearing. It will allow instruction in education to become more accessible.

When students have hearing is in the left ear and none in the right ear (vice versa), the students will not be able to hear information portrayed over the speaker on a Mac iPhone or iPad. When Mono Audio is turned on, the sound will be played half in the left and half in the right. It will be played on both speakers. All music and spoken conversation is brought together so students can hear all of the information no matter what ear is stronger.

Mono Audio will increase instruction for them in:

  • All subject areas
  • Reading: Story of the week, text read aloud to students
  • Science: Educational videos
  • Math: Teacher recorded instruction, interactive games
  • Movies and music

Teachers will need:

  • Headphones for individual student
  • Mac Computer, iPad, or iPhone access