Week Two

The Great Western Transmutation

Introduction: Week Two

This week is intended to be a bit lighter in order to give you more time to begin work on your larger paper products. Amid the week-to-week tasks please be mindful of the need to carefully read for your larger projects and, as always, feel free to reach out if you are having any issues or problems.

Week Two Work


Bentley and Ziegler, Traditions & Encounters, Chapters 30-31. Remember to complete the Textbook Quiz by Sunday at Midnight

Video Questions

Watch this video on the book “Railway Journey” covering the cultural implications of Industrialization and the railway. Respond to the questions about the videos (available in the handout section) and upload files with completed answers in the appropriate folder in the Coursework section.

Writing Assignment

One element of your college education should be the ability to read, understand, and contextualize primary sources from the periods you have studied. You will showcase this development in analyzing one of the sources below in at least 750 words.

You should investigate:

  • The main issue or idea behind the source
  • The strength and weaknesses of the source (origin, author, purpose)
  • The meaning and significance of the issue upon which the source focuses, answering the “why” and the “because”
  • How does the primary source intersect with or illustrate themes from the course thus far?
To help you understand this assignment you should ask each of the following questions of the source. You will not directly answer these questions within your paper, but by asking them you will assess the source critically
  • Who is the author and what is his or her place in society?
  • What is the purpose of the piece? Why was it written?
  • What values or ideas are behind the content in the source?
  • Is the piece credible? Why or why not?
  • Can the piece be used to support a historical debate


For Submission

When submitting assignments for Week 2, you should have TWO documents – one for your responses to the video questions, and one for your essay response to the above question. Please name them yourlastnameWeek2Video (i.e. ClemmWeek2Video), and yourlastnameWeek2Paper (i.e. ClemmWeek2Paper)). They should be submitted in the appropriate folder in the Coursework section

Extra Resources

  • Tanzimat Reforms: An interview/discussion on the Tanzimat reforms and the relevance to modern society.
  • The Ottoman Empire: A documentary outlining the history of the Ottoman Empire from its beginnings to its collapse after World War One.
  • The Civil War: A discussion with famed Civil War historian James McPherson on the Civil War and the meaning of the conflict.
  • What Went Wrong? The Clash between Islam and Modernity: An interview with British historian Bernard Lewis discussing his book “What Went Wrong?” and his hypothesis about the course of Islamic society