Torn Notebook

Lincoln, Nebraska

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Background History

Commissioned by the Sheldon Memorial Art Gallery in March of 1995. It was created by Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen. It was installed in August of 1996. It took almost 1 and a half years to be completely completed.

Artists Statement

He thinks it is very clever because on the pages it has things like "barbed wire" and "one ear per stock". His thought process was to come up with something that made people think and wanted to make it look like pages had been blown everywhere by Nebraska's harsh winds at times. The only challenges they met was designing the sculpture which i think probably took the longest.

My Opinion

I think this sculpture is very creative and would have taken a lot of work and patience to come up with. Everytime i see this in lincoln now i will think its pretty cool because i know something about this famous artist who came up with it.