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Life of Pilots

Pilots life and what they do

Pilots fly around the world and protect us unless if they are for passenger planes planes that protect us are C-130's F-18's for more see link List of active United States military air crafts. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_active_United_States_military_aircraft most aircrafts are hard to fly well never mind that all of them are hard to fly even for experienced fliers. Every pilot has a hard job because of the stuff they carry from place to place from every day people to precise military supplies. Military pilots can fly helicopters to big planes such as the C-130 Hercules which takes two or more pilots. Our military is one you don't want to mess with when it comes to planes or what ever we have at our hands at the time. My family comes from the military pretty much my great grandpa was a tail gunner on a B-12 bomber plane in World War II he took out some Germans and saved his crew from disaster.
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For a plot to become one they need to have at least two years of collage they will hire mor if you have more years of collage the chance is a whole lot greater of becoming one.


A cool fact is you could potentially fly for the military and serve our great country. Your personally for the job is a sprit of adventure and a love of flying. This career benefits society is to protect our country and transport people across the world. Pilots are more needed for today there is a more demand to fly than travel by car.