The Karina Times

Helen Dugan, Lifesavor

Helen Dugan is a 73 year old pleasing women with many thoughts of kindness towards others. She has a black belt degree in karate and began teaching to younger students 25 years ago. Many of her students have autism which is a disease that makes your body function very differently than other people. Many times, people have came to her studio to get a break because they can fit in with others like them. Some like the sport because it allows them to express themselves, however others join to get away to be with alike people and away from bullying. She teaches in her private studio which has started out small but is starting to grow rapidly. Helen is a very successful women with many good traits and that she always puts others before herself.

Barbie Fun For many Ages

Playing with dolls has always been thought of as a harmless way to have fun. Recently parents are feeling skeptical about a certain doll who might know more about their kid than they do. Hello Barbie is a Barbie who is programmed to have conversations with your child. Some children let personal secrets come out during the conversation. This is because they look at the doll as a friend who they can freely share anything with because it is just a doll, but parents are concerned where "secrets" go after the Barbie responds. Who else sees the information that Hello Barbie has just learned. Any family could be at risk of "spilling the beans" if they buy Hello Barbie as a toy for their children to keep and talk with. Could this Barbie be more than just a friendly toy?

Dads, Dances and Daughters

African-Americans have started to host dances to highlight the role fathers can have in helping their daughters grow up to feel confident and supported. Many children are being raised by one parent usually a dad, who with this fundraiser can help be brought back up to be a good parent. This also helps the girls to see what men are like for when they get older and grow up to be mature young women. Usually the girls are about 7-10 years old is organized by Kelly Fair at Polished Pebbles.
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