Abigail's Folk Literature

Many Folk Literature Types!

Types of Folk Literature:

Fables: A small story with characters such as animals. It also has a moral at the end.

Folk Tales: A story from people that is spread around.

Epics: A big poem that is old and can tell the story about a hero.

Myths: An old story with characters that are fake such as gods.

Tall Tales: Stories that have fake events that seem real.

Legends: A popular story that is from history.

Fable: The Boring Polar Bear

Abby Minnich

Mrs. Edwards

English Bell ¾


The Boring Polar Bear

Once upon a time there was a Panda, a Unicorn, and a boring Polar Bear. One day the Polar Bear decided he did not want to have fun anymore. He said it was a waste of time because he would get old one day and die. So, the Polar Bear sat in his cave in the forest and did not come out. His friends, the Unicorn and Panda, were playing together.

They called out, “POLAR BEAR! POLAR BEAR!” The Polar Bear heard, but did not come. The next day, they did the same thing, “POLAR BEAR! POLAR BEAR!” He still did not come. The Unicorn and Panda realized something was wrong, so they went in his cave. The Panda asked him, “Why won’t you respond to us? Don’t you want to play?” The Polar Bear answered, “NO! I have realized that having fun is a waste of time!”

The Unicorn tried to convince him, but he would not listen. “Come on Polar Bear! When you get old, don’t you want to look back on your young self and say, ‘Wow?’ You will regret this. You will get depressed sooner or later.” The Polar Bear considered this, but then remembered, I don’t want to get hurt! They can’t convince me!

So everyday, he sat in his cave while the Panda and Unicorn played in the trees or underground. One day, the Polar Bear grew old. He then regretted not having fun because now, he was depressed and bored. The Polar Bear was about to die, so he realized, Hey! I want to have fun before I die! So the Polar Bear ran out and played with his friends. He became healthy and felt young again.

And They All Lived Happily Ever After.

The Moral of this story is to have fun while your young or you will get too old and regret it.