My Reading Timeline

My history as a reader.

Aesop's Fables

My Grandma read this book to me when I was just a little kid. It was one of the best book of fables I ever read and heard. I loved all the stories in that book, One of my favorites was The Wolf And The crane.

Wings of Fire: The Lost Heir

This book is about a dragonet named Tsunami, and she is on a quest to find the hidden kingdom of the seawings. Later on in the story she finds the summer palace on a remote island where she meets her mother, Queen Coral.In the kingdom there is a murderous dragon that has been killing Queen Coral's daughters for years. Tsunami then at the end finds out who the killer is when the dragon attacks Tsunami. This is one book that you don't want to miss.

Wings of Fire: The Dragonet Prophocy

This book is about another one of the five dragonets named Clay.He escapes out from under the mountain to save his friend Glory.Soon after he escapes, Clay runs into Queen Scarlet, the skywing queen.

Wings of Fire: The Dark Secret

In this book one of the dragonets named starflight is kidnapped and taken to the nightwing kingdom, where he meets Princess Greatness and Queen BattleWinner.

Godzilla: The Half Century War.

This is an awesome sci-fi comic book. One of the best comic books I have ever read. This is one groundbreaking comic that you just have to see.
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