Meet Josefina An America Girl

Valerie Tripp

by:Kimberly perez

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Plot Outline

Exposition:Setting :New mexico , AL Characters: Papa,Ana,Abuelito, Josefina, Francisca,Clara,Tia Dolores

TE: They take me "old before my time!" rising action: TE: Then,in 1821,American traders began leading wagon trains from the state of Missouri to New Mexico they made an important new trade route, which became know as the Santa Fe trail. climax:But the year passed,Josefina began to see that the steady rhythm of life on the rancho was her best comfort. falling action: Josefina knew her sister were also thinking about Mama because Francisca said, "look see those yellow flowers across the stream?". resolution:They're in the shade, so they haven't wilted yet this morning Mama used to love those flower.


Man is the Josefina grandpa because all his group is going to battle with the bad guys ,the bad guys is the man.They are going to battle which are staying the land so Josefina cried because she don't want her grandfather goes because she don't want that nothing happen to him, so is man vs man.

Characters Analysis

Protagonist: Josefina only care about her family because is important for example: when her father ,and mother dies she is responsible to take care her sisters so when she grows up she would have a job to earn money , and some food ,and dresses to her sister. Antagonist:Now that her mom gone Francisca and, Clara Struggled and Ana was worried because Josefina felt lost and unsure ,and Josefina father was very quit.

4 Facts About Your Historical Time Period

Fact 1 :Josefina sister always works Josefina helps her she always say I will handle that because you always do everything to ours sister.

Fact 2: Tia Dolores put Josefina sister to help her cook some delicious food for everybody that lives the father of Josefina and her sister.

Fact 3:The high outside walls had only one or two entry , with heavy gates that could be bolted shut.

Fact 4:New Mexico is one of the 50 states in the United States,but in 1824, when Josefina was a girl , New Mexico was part of the country of Mexico.

Historical setting /event

When Josefina mother died in the house Josefina started to cried because when they took Josefina mom to the hospital the doctors gave a bad news they tell her family she failed because the mom have a heartache .