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Safe Search Sites for Students

Knowing how to research is important for all of our students. At school, we have the opportunity to teach effective research techniques. The sites listed below offer safe searching for our students.

KidRex- Their slogan is "Safe Search for Kids, by Kids!" The site uses a Google SafeSearch to screen content and then adds their own screening database as an extra layer of security.

Kids Konnect- This site was created by a former teacher. The site gives students access to 427 portal pages that specifically cover curriculum areas covered in schools. In addition to a search bar, this site offers filters that students can use to narrow their search.

Quintura Kids- This site does a great job of modeling how to narrow a search using keywords. Once a student types a topic into the search bar, Quintura will show possible keywords that may be used to narrow the search for more accurate results.

InfoTrac- This site can be used to search encyclopedias, magazines, maps, newspapers, and reference materials for information.

Sweet Search- Their site claims that all search results have been "evaluated by a research expert" thus providing authentic sites and information for students.

Happy searching!


Toni Sheets

Instructional Technology Resource Teacher - Keister Elementary