Fahrenheit 451

Ray Bradbury


Throughout this novel, Guy Montag pursues his life as a fireman. However, in this dystopian future, firemen burn books because books are illegal. Montag later starts to rethink his life after he meets a young girl. Montag begins to hide a collection of books at his house and when he is turned in by his wife, he now becomes a fugitive. He runs away from Elm City where he meets outsiders that have broken the law too. Then, they form a plan in bringing books back to society.


Guy Montag is the main character in this novel. Montag works as a fireman to burn smuggled books. In the beginning Montag takes great pride in his work. He wakes up and is happy to put on his coat to go to work. He craves the smell for Kerosene and the ash of burned books. Montag later questions his job and turns in the opposite direction society wants him to go. Montag is important to the plot because he is the only one in the city to question the rules and laws of his society. He breaks the law and becomes fixated on books and challenges the authority of the government.
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This novel takes in a dystopian future sometime after 2020 in Elm City. Since 1990, there has been two atomic wars. Montag lives in the suburb with his wife, Mildred. Montag works at the firehouse. Other main locations are Fabor's house, the subway, and the neighborhood in which Montag and his wife live.
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This novel has a classic, must read, story line. This book gives an insight on how life would be like without books. Yes, books. Everybody takes books for granted and this fantastic story line gives that experience. Not only that, this book contains great word choice that helps describe the plot. Although this novel is quite a challenge, it designs a unique future. Plus, for the challenge-takers, this will definitely fulfill your reading. This book should not be recommended to those who want the told clearly to them. This book requires you to use your own interpretation on the events and outcomes. Overall, this novel should be put on the "must read" list.

About the Author

Ray Bradbury was born on August 22, 1920 in Illinois. When he was 12, Ray decided that he would be a writer and he wanted to live forever through his stories. Through his career, he sold newspapers and he published his first story in 1938. Later, he began to send more and more clips and stories such as Futuria Fantasia. Then, in 1941, he sold his first piece called "Pendulum". Cut from the draft during World War Two because of vision problems, he became a full-time writer. In 1950, Ray published a major writing called "The Martian Chronicles" which was about a colonization on Mars. In 1953, his work came to shine when he published "Fahrenheit 451". His other professions was directing plays. He did countless plays and screenplays. Ray Bradbury won countless medals including the 2004 National Medal of Arts. Overall, Ray wrote 30 books and 600 short films. When he died, his legacy was never forgotten and his books are still read today.
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Fahrenheit 451 is most similar to Hunger Games. In Hunger Games, there is a severe government that controls the citizens just like Fahrenheit 451. Both stories represent a rebellion against an evil society to make things right again. Katniss, the main character in Hunger Games, is similar to Montag because she looks at life in a positive way. Instead of living life in horrible conditions, both rise up to make things right and better. Both stories involve lots of risks, which make both exciting. For example, Katniss volunteers for the hunger games and Montag hides a collection of books. Although there are many similarities, there are plenty of differences. In Hunger Games, Katniss's city is part of a huge empire. Also, all of the districts or cities rebel to fix society. In Fahrenheit 451 however, Montag's city is part of America. Montag is also one of few to rebel against the government. Both stories have great story plots and both should be a must read.
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