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Overlook's Annual Food Drive

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By Emma Parsons

Student council had their annual food drive. Each team had a designated item to bring in. Grade 6 Green had to bring in oatmeal. 6 Blue had to bring in canned goods. 7 Red had to bring in jars/ cans of sauce and Navy had to bring in boxes of pasta. 8 Orange had to bring canned soup and White had to bring in tuna/ mac & cheese. The food drive ran through December 3rd and ended December 14th.

If Overlook reached 1,000 items we would get a movie day. If we reached 1,200 items we get a pj day and 1,500 items we would get popcorn with our movie and pj day. We did end up reaching our goal of 1,500 items so we will get a movie day with popcorn and pj’s the Friday before Christmas break.

We give a huge thank you to everyone who brought in the items for each of their teams for the drive. Thank you to the student council for hosting this activity. All of the items brought in will be going to the Ashburnham and Westminster’s food pantries.

Out of the whole school team 6 Green had the most items brought in. So good job 6 Green for bringing in oatmeal. Every other team did a good job bringing in items too. We will be picking movies to watch for Friday December 21st and have a fun day planned. Great job Overlook!

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The Eagle's Nest

The weeks between Thanksgiving and winter break often pass by in a blur. The upcoming holidays and all of the happenings here at school keep us so busy, it’s easy to forget to step back and enjoy everything that’s going on. Our current SOAR theme, perspective-taking, serves as a reminder to take pause during this busy time and enjoy those around us. It also reminds us to make an effort to to consider the thoughts and feelings of others--something that is so important to think (and learn) about during the middle school years! Last week, we had a group of student leaders facilitate our monthly SOAR meeting. In collaboration with staff, the leadership “team” designed and facilitated a series of activities that they ran with our 40+ SOAR students after school in the library. They did a fantastic job!

A stand out moment from this meeting came when one our student leaders observed (and shared through conversation) that the holidays aren’t necessarily easy for everyone. She went on to explain why--noting how we aren’t always fully aware of what others are experiencing in their lives outside of school. It was a phenomenal example of empathy and perspective-taking. Hands down the best part of that reflection was the fact that it came from a student and was being shared with a group of her peers. That alone made it impactful. In the days leading up to break, we’re going to continue to encourage our students to challenge their own views. As a staff, we are going to work to develop effective ways to teach perspective-taking as a skill. We continue to be incredibly proud of the work that our students and staff are doing each and every day.

We’d like to wish the entire Overlook community a safe and happy holiday season!

Overlook Administration

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Christmas, Hanukkah, and The New Year

By Molly McDaniel

Christmas is a time filled with wonder and light. It’s the day kids run down the stairs to see what Old Saint Nick left under their tree. Many people don’t question its origins, saying we celebrate it because of Jesus’s birth, but how did this national holiday change from Christ, to commercialism? From yule logs to “you need batteries”? Or from fresh cut Firs to “faux allergy free reusable trees?” It appears there is more to this beloved holiday than meets the eye.

Believe it or not, Christmas is a holiday of Scandinavian origin. Historians and anthropologists have found evidence that it was not originally a Christian holiday and was celebrated for over 2,000 years before the birth of Jesus, the son of the Christian God. All across the globe, the middle of winter was deemed a time of celebration for the winter solstice and longer days to come. Many pagan faiths worshiped the solstice with parties and feasts as a way to thank the Gods for bringing light back to the Earth. The pagan’s based their celebration off of the setting of the sun and the movement of the start.

In fact, way back in the 1,000s the Roman Catholic Church was trying to convert the Scandinavian people who celebrated a religion known as Mirthraism into Christianity. While the Scandinavian people were celebrating the Persian sun god Mirthras, beckoning him to bring back the sun, Christian Missionaries began telling stories of the birth of Christ, which coincidentally happened at the same time as the solstice. The campaign was extremely successful as people enjoyed the celebrations regardless of the god being celebrated. As time went on, people just began correlating December 25th to the birth of Christ and Christmas. Historians call it the “biggest conversion in history.”

At the same time as the Scandinavian conversion to Christianity, the Norse were celebrating their ritual of cutting down the biggest log they could and feasting the entire time it burned (about twelve days, like the song “The Twelve Days of Christmas”). They called this celebration “Yule” and the special log was called a yule log. Christians later adopted this Norse tradition with the celebration of 3 Kings Day, which is traditionally ceremonialized 12 days after Christmas and coincides with the arrival of the 3 wise men “The 3 Kings” to the manger where Mary gave birth to the baby Jesus.

The Christmas tree was also a symbol taken from another culture. Originally branches from the family of evergreen trees were used to adorn the windows and and doorways of German Pagan homes. It was believed that the evergreens would keep away ghost, spirits, and illnesses during the darkest period of the year. The Egyptian culture also has a story of their god Ra healing from illness during the solstice after his people filled their homes with green palm leaves and worshiping him. Early Romans used green leaves from coniferous trees to decorate their homes during Saturnalia, as a way to celebrate the coming of spring, fresh harvests, and renewed life.

Historians have also found abundant evidence that the Druids and Vikings used evergreen boughs to decorate their homes at the darkest points of the year. According to “Germany is credited with starting the Christmas tree tradition as we now know it in the 16th century when devout Christians brought decorated trees into their homes.” Furthermore, Christmas trees did not become a centerpiece of the home until the fashionable Queen Victoria was photographed in front of one, in her palace in 1846. So really, the long held tradition of decorating a tree didn’t take hold so long ago.

Mindblown? You bet!

New Years:

New Years is yet another fun filled day and night one where many people stay up until twelve a clock, midnight to celebrate the new year but like Christmas it has origins. It originated long ago from the babylon’s, one major difference is it was celebrated for eleven days it wasn’t until Julius Caesar came when it was officially the new year on January first.


Hanukkah is a holiday widely celebrated, also known as the festival of lights. Hanukkah is one of the most well known Jewish holidays due to its close proximity to Christmas. The origins of this amazing celebration actually come from Judea, now known as Israel. It celebrates events that took place nearly 2,300 years ago. It is an eight-day festival beginning on the 25th day of the Jewish month of Kislev, which typically falls in November or December on the Julian, or standard non religious, calendar. It started when Antiochus the third began persecuting the Jews and requiring all people to worship greek gods. Unsurprisingly there was a rebellion and in 2 years they were back to Judaism and found the temple destroyed. For the rededication ceremony, the menorah was lit, but there was only enough oil for one night. Miraculously, it burned for eight days until a new supply of oil could be brought. This is why a candle is lit each night for the eight days of Hanukkah.

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Band News

By Olivea Carrigan

Winter Percussion and Color Guard

With the normal fall season of marching band over, the color guard and percussion sections of the band with break off to start their winter season. Both of these programs take place from around January to March.


The winter percussion shows in the past have all had very interesting and entertaining themes. Last year, in the winter of 2018, the percussion show was about the Wild West. With the percussionists all dressed as cowboys, the show proved to be entertaining and catchy. The year before that, 2017, the show was titled Anubis and it was about the Egyptians. To be more specific, I believe it was about a pharaoh going into the afterlife and getting his heart weighed on by the Feather of Truth, which is an old Egyptian myth. And then they year before that, 2016, the show was called the wall, where each member wore a dark uniform and mask and by the end of the show they break free of their masks and reveal brightly colored t shirts under the dark uniforms. Although I can say my knowledge is quite limited on how the percussion practices and runs their rehearsals, but I can say that their work definitely pays off.

The percussion ensemble does not only consist of the drum line players, which are bass, snare, quad drums and also cymbals, but also pit percussion as well. All of these instruments also usually are played in the fall season (besides cymbals) as well. Like I said, my knowledge on winter percussion in quite limited, but they do know what the theme for their show will be this year. So, stay tuned for the winter percussion season to begin.

I can say that the percussion on ensemble is quite interesting to watch, so watch them for yourself! Get your own interpretation of them.

This was the West (2018)

Anubis (2017)

The Wall (2016)

Color Guard

Last year, the color guard went a whole season undefeated with their show tilted No More Silence. They performed their work to the, very appropriate, song ‘The Sound of Silence’. Their show sent a very powerful message about bullying. It was so powerful in fact, when the program toured the school district in June, I heard that many people in the school enjoyed the show and they found it very powerful and moving as well. The show consisted of the girls using rifles, sabers (or sabres, I’ve heard mixed responses on which way it’s actually spelled) and flags with a white hand print plastered across them. Also to add to the traditional use of equipment, was props, black and red boards with the phrase ‘stand up to bullying’ in all caps painted across them. They also used forms of dance and performance to portray the show about bullying.

So, the show last season proved to have very good results, and this year seems to be just as promising. As a member of the color guard myself, I can tell you we have already begun to work on our core techniques for not only our spinning but dance as well. The guards production in under the work of Patty, Mike, Alycia Linnehan and Alicia Ferrick. The theme for this year's show is unknown but members have made some guesses as to what it may be. So, the show will remain a surprise to all of us for now.

Although last year’s show was quite interesting, it is unfortunately not up on YouTube due to copyright reasons so, I do not have a visual representation of the show.

Marching Spartans to Disney

This year the Oakmont Overlook Marching Spartans were able to go on an annual trip that only happens every three years. They went to Disney! Most of the 70 members went down to Orlando, Florida to perform their 2018 show, Evolve, all in parade from. The color guard learns a whole parade routine and the band learns special parade music for the event. They march down Main Street of Disney, which is where parades always take place there.

In addition to begin able to march in a Disney parade, they obviously got to go all around the resort, they went to places like Magic Kingdom and Universal. While I was unable to get any interviews from any members due to the short time we had to write this month, I did see many, many posts on social media and everyone looked like they had a lot of fun. So, this event was planned many months in advance and is a special treat for all the students who went.

So, if you’d like to go to Disney in the next three years or are interesting in playing an instrument or spinning a flag for the Marching Spartans, consider joining! Our next fall season begins in June of 2019, and will be available for anyone going into 7th grade or above. More details will be posted as the summer nears, so stay posted. Hope to see you then!

This was the West (2018)

Evita Auditions

By Tom Paine

The Oakmont High-school will be putting on a show call Evita. There are looking for a group of middle schoolers to audition for the role of chorus. There will be auditions on Friday, January 11th from 2:00-2:30. Hope to see you there

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National Geographic Geography Bee 2018-19

By Hannah Fields

The National Geography Bee Preliminary rounds are very exciting for all grades and most students. “The National Geographic GeoBee is an annual geography contest sponsored by the National Geographic Society. The bee, held every year since 1989, is open to students in the fourth through eighth grades in participating schools from the United States.” - National Geographic.

At Overlook, all grades have finished the first round of competition, which is the class bee setting. If you win you class bee, then you compete against your classmates to become your teams representative in the school bee. Next, if you win your school bee, you move on into the state bee, where you compete against the top people in every school in Massachusetts. Then, if you are lucky enough to win the state Geo Bee, then you move to Nationals. That is when you go to DC and compete there. That is also the highest you can go, there is a prize, but I am not sure exactly what that includes.

Can you answers these study questions from national geographic? If you can, you would have a chance in winning the class bee.

Which of these is an example of a peninsula?

A. Iceland

B. Florida

C. Bahamas

D. Panama

E. Madagascar

Correct Answer: Did you get Florida? If you did, great job!

What was Burkina Faso's former name?

A. Alexandria

B. Nigeria

C. Kenya

D. Kalahari Desert

E. Upper Volta

Correct Answer: Did you get Upper Volta? If so, you are really good with your history.

We will do one more……

Escargot and croissants, are traditionally eaten in which European country?

A. Switzerland

B. Austria

C. Italy

D. Denmark

E. France

Did you get France? If so, you are really good with food and where it comes from.

I would like to thank for the study questions. Also, I would like to that National Geographic for a better understanding of what it is.

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Creative Writing Corner

You’re Not Alone

Part One by Robin Kender

The sun was beaming with sunlight this morning, forcing me to wake up “ First day of school, cmon Bethanie you got this!”. This new state, new town was so different from where I lived. I haven’t talked to my parents ever since we moved. They had never even told me we were moving until I saw the van. My outfit for school was all ready for today, a yellow flowered dress. But when I looked at it again, I had second thoughts on it, so instead I wore my black and grey dress with black high heels and with that I felt confident. When I got downstairs I saw my parents give me a funny look. My mom said “ uh… Dear? Where's your first day of school outfit I bought for you?” but I didn’t even look at her, I just got my bag, my lunch, and marched out the door without a simple goodbye.

On my way to the bus stop I noticed how everyone looked like they knew what they were doing, maybe because they've been here before. And because of that they probably already have friends. When I got on the bus I sat in the way front because no one sat there, I just looked out the windows and thought to myself. I wondered why did my parents do this to me? I was pretty happy at my old town, I had myself and I was happy, But now everything is ruined, when can I forgive them?

When our bus finally got to the school, I could already tell the kind of groups. Mean girls, loners, but before I could keep going with my train of thought I noticed these girls glaring at me, this is going to be a fun year…

When I got to my locker i was trying to open it when some person opened theirs on my nose “OUCH!” I screeched, when I turned to see who it was it was this nice-looking innocent girl who looked very worried “Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry this is my first time opening my locker!”. Well, I’m glad that i’m not the only new girl in this school “Oh, its ok, it’s my first day here to!” I could tell by the look of her face she did not look happy talking to me. She was probably a shy kind of girl so I left to go to class instead of talking to her anymore. During Class I sat in the way back, because I didn’t know anyone there. The only problem was, right when the teacher saw me she asked if I wanted to introduce myself. I was about to say no thanks when I saw her kinda glare at me, like it wasn’t a question more like a command. So I went up there and she asked me “Please state your name and your favorite thing”

When she asked me that question I suddenly froze, I don't have any favorite thing so i'll have to make it up, so I said “ My name is Bethanie and I love… Gymnastics..” then I sat down thinking to myself “I hate gymnastics why that?” but right before I sat down the teacher, also known as Ms. Rose said “ ya know we have a gymnastics team right in this school and i'm one of the couches if your good i might let you join. I'll see you at tryouts ok?”. And that’s when i heard dumbest thing i've ever said come out of my mouth “Ok, I'll be there…” OK!OK! What have i gotten myself into this time! My Math teacher is a gymnastics coach, who would have known! The only weird thing that happened during that was when i said i'd be at tryouts I saw that girl who hit me with her locker, i still don't know her name, but she was smiling at me, i wonder why? During the rest of the class we all said our names (again) and then we talked about algebraic equations which i already knew but I guess they haven’t learned it yet, this class was the most boring. After that in gym I fell during basketball and got asked to sit out for the next 20 minutes of gym. During science I just learned, nothin new. Finally it was lunch then one more class, Then I gotta learn GYMNASTICS in… ONE WEEK! Great…

During lunch I sat at a table alone, I wasn’t too surprised to be alone, and that the mean girls I saw that morning were chuckling like crazy my way . I have never sat at a table with friends, because I have never had any. I did have one once but she used me for popularity and I never trusted someone after that. When I thought to myself about having a friend, i realized i had never known what that truly felt like, I started to feel sad for myself, I was alone at my old town, what’s gonna makes this place any different?

I was eating my lunch when a shadow covered my plate, I turned around to see who was there, they said “Nice outfit.”,and when I saw who it was, I was suddenly feeling a little happy for once.


Free Water

By Erin Boc

I sit outside

On a beautiful,


Summer evening

Sipping some Chai Tea

Just enjoying my days


Alone, before school starts again.

All of a sudden something happens

It startles me a bit


It starts light

Then gets heavier

And heavier

I feel the puny water drops

On the top of my head

It feels nice

I get up from my seat and lay down

In the lawn-cut grass

On my back

Watching the dark clouds

Drift closer towards me

All of a sudden

I feel it again

The rain drops came so fast

On my forehead

On my neck

On my arms and legs

Even with all of this water

Weighing me down,

I still feel like I can do anything

Hi Hello (Part 2)

By Ashlinn Broderick

The sun beats down on the seemingly endless road, heating the pavement until it exudes warmth but not so much so that it would burn bare feet. Mirages waver over the tar, disrupting the images of the ground they shimmer on top of. Sprawling expanses of open farmland on either side make Jay feel foreign, but not necessarily uncomfortable--he grew up a city boy, and supposes that’s what he always will be. The view is beautiful, although he thinks that skyscrapers and apartment buildings will always take up a bigger place in his heart.

His guitar strap rustles against his shirt as he walks, the weight heavy but welcome in its familiarity. Content, he hums a mindless tune; the song’s structure spilling out into the air and disappearing before anyone but himself and the bushes lining the road can hear. He’s always not-so-secretly been proud of his voice, singing whenever the people around him allowed it. His parents never seemed to mind much, only saying Shut it, Jay, when he’d eventually sing a bit too obnoxiously after a day that had been a bit too obnoxious itself.

He smiles at the memory of his parents. His mom would indulge him every once in a while and sing with him— sometimes Hi Hello, what they liked to think of as their song; sometimes a careless duet of some oldies piece even though they’d always end up butchering some aspect of the work. Or maybe his dad would be there, knowing all the lyrics to the same songs his wife and son were clueless about (but definitely not the harmonies).

They’d laugh and smile and, just for a moment, forget about the bags under their eyes and the too-small clothes and the prominent lines of Jay’s ribs through his stomach that, really, had never not been present.

The rumble of an engine in the distance interrupts his thoughts, and he turns to see a beat-up old red pickup coming up the road. He absently wonders if this’ll be the one to finally relieve him of walking, and sticks his left thumb out. Probably should’ve worn better shoes before, you know, deciding to hitchhike across the country.

Wind ruffles his hair as the truck passes, and he sighs. It seems he’ll have to survive on his own two feet, along with the food and water he has in his guitar case, for a while longer. Maybe the blue chicken keychain his parents gave him when he was still a little kid will bring him luck. (He notes absently that he currently looks an awful lot like the depicted cartoon bird, what with his blue hair, blue shirt, and unfortunate chicken-like features.) It could be saving him from a possible murderer right this moment.

Or not, he thinks to himself as the the truck rolls to a stop twenty feet ahead. Jay throws away all thoughts of murderers as he jogs up to the vehicle and approaches the passenger side window, a grin lighting over his face.

“Hey,” he begins, breathless. “I’m Jay. Mind if I hitch a ride?”

The stranger looks young, maybe Jay’s age, maybe a bit younger. His brown hair falls across his forehead, cut neatly above matching brown eyes. He wears a simple white shirt and loose blue jeans, comfortable for driving.

“Sean,” He responds, smiling widely. Jay’d think it creepy if not for the sincerity radiating off the man’s entire being. “And no, not at all. Where you headed?”

Jay hesitates, thinks for a moment. “Anywhere,” He finally decides. There was never really an actual destination in his mind, he realizes; only the thought of adventure.

Sean nods, seeming unfazed. “I’m not heading anywhere in particular either. Just where my gut takes me, I guess,” his laugh is carefree, and the sound makes the air seem lighter. “Feel free to take shotgun or the back, whichever you’d prefer.”

“Thanks,” Jay brushes his hair out of his vision, eyeing the bed of the truck. “I’ll take the back.” He turns towards the said location, slinging his guitar off his shoulder. He tosses it carelessly into the bed, watching as it lands right on the head of the instrument where the tuners are. He can hear musicians around the world gasping in horror.

He hauls himself up into the truck, only to be met with the image of another man. This one definitely looks younger than him, cheeks still not yet grown fully into adulthood. He lays on a spread of colorful blankets, soaking up the sun, obviously content. Black, wavy bangs occupy most of his forehead, and a brown panama hat atop that. The hat is an interesting choice to wear with a black choker the texture of ribbon and a blue shirt on the casual side of nice, but Jay appreciates it all the same, if not even more so.

Jay grins a bit, waving sheepishly. It’s a miracle his guitar missed the guy. All the man does in response is faintly nod his head in Jay’s general direction and go back to whatever he was thinking of before.

The truck starts back up, and they sit in silence for an unknown period of time— or rather, as close to silence as they can get, what with the wind gently blowing around them and the continuous sound of the truck’s tires gliding over asphalt. Jay observes how the boy looks entirely unbothered by the fact that there’s a random hitchhiker two feet away from him, his body’s attitude one of truly peaceful resting (sleeping?), what with the hat covering the top half of his face and arms resting leisurely between his head and the blanketed covering of the truck’s bed.

They’ve been driving long enough for Jay to begin to wonder if there’s something seriously wrong with boy laying down, because he still hasn’t moved at all, when they stumble upon yet another hitchhiker. They find him sitting on the curb, dressed in an untucked white dress shirt under a casual black suit jacket with pants and shoes to match, hair black and eyes brown. Sean gestures for him to join them in the back, Jay steps over the (dead?) guy to grab the other guy’s hand, and hauls their group’s newest addition up into the truck. The boy finally proves he’s not dead, sitting up and taking in what’s happening around him for the first time since Jay’s seen him.

Everything starts passing by quicker, after that. Jay finally learns not-dead-guy’s name is Dylan, they both learn the new guy’s name is Will, they learn his name is Jay, and miraculously, they all get along incredibly well. He learns that Dylan is Sean’s brother, and they’ve been on the road for a while— the reason Dylan had seemed so unbothered by his presence was because the brothers had taken to picking up temporary passengers as they drove, and he trusts his brother’s judgement on whether the travellers… well, whether they’re a murderer or not.

He notices very quickly that Will and Dylan prefer each other much more than either of them prefer him, and it’s a little discouraging being shot down with a ratio of two to one every time there’s even the smallest disagreement in conversation. Jay sincerely hopes that once Sean’s able to take part in their arguments he’ll take pity on him and help him hold his ground.

Jay and Will, on the other hand, have developed what Dylan would describe as a “brotherly” bond, which is truthfully more like heated bickering. Dylan and Jay have a similar relationship, because in Jay’s mind, Dylan is, essentially, just an extension of Will. Jay thinks of when Will had first gotten in the truck, even before names had been doled out, and Dylan had tossed Will a bottle of water. He remembers thinking “idiot,” as water spilled from the bottle and down Will’s chin, and “idiots,” plural, when later on Will laughed as Dylan sprayed a mist of the very same bottle’s water out of his mouth and into the wind— the wind leading a path directly onto Jay’s face.

The next hitchhiker they discover is, by all means, a strange occurrence. They find him walking down the road a while later, dyed red hair messily parted and dangling earrings swinging as he walked. He has a guitar, like Jay, and Jay wonders if maybe this mystery musician could be his defender in future debates with the Evil Duo. Sean’s likely to take his brother’s side, anyway, if Jay thinks about it.

But it turns out that the other guitarist wasn’t even interested in their unintentional carpool, because he waves them aside, even as they all grin and gesture for him to join them in the truck. It certainly takes their good mood down a notch, especially Jay’s, because he’s now left with the Evil Duo to (probably) fend for himself.

The mood goes back up soon after, though, and maybe they all could have forgotten about the strange and lonesome man walking down the road. That would be the case, if the truck didn’t break down some ten minutes later. They’re all hopeful at first, certain that Sean can at least give it a temporary fix until they arrive at a place that’s at least partially civilized. They’re hopeful, until a good while has passed and Sean still hasn’t figured out what’s wrong.

Sean fiddles under the propped-up hood for some time, each of them knowing that he hasn’t really made any progress in the time that he’s been there and all wondering if they’ll have to walk somewhere for aid— but none of them know where the nearest town is. They’re in the middle of nowhere, with no service to search for a map or call a towing company, and their anxiety grows by the second. Sure, they mess around to pass the time--Jay makes sure to be as pestering as possible and steal Dylan’s hat (with no intention of giving it back anytime soon), and the Evil Duo seem to be doing their best to make Jay regret his decision of ever climbing in the godforsaken vehicle in the first place--but, still, there’s that impending buildup to whatever was going to happen.

The man they could have forgotten is, in a sense, their savior that day. As he walks up the road from the direction that the four boys had come from, he makes eye contact with Jay. Jay throws his thumb over his shoulder once he sees the man’s curious look, gesturing in the general direction of the hood where they can all hear Sean’s hopeless tinkering.

It turns out that the man, Brian, had worked as a mechanic for a while, and after a couple minutes spent with a pair of gloves and a wrench, he miraculously had already finished his restoration of the truck. If Jay and Dylan are a bit ecstatic because the car actually starts when Sean turns the key, well, no one can really blame them.

The godsend of a mechanic is, unfortunately, still not willing to join their travels; tossing the gloves onto the passenger seat and grabbing his guitar from where it leans against the hood, he stands behind the truck and watches as it begins to drive away. Jay watches him in return from his spot in the bed, feeling sad at the loss of a fellow guitarist that he could’ve, maybe, befriended.

Just, just as he’s almost ready to look back at the Evil Duo, he sees Brian’s face break out into the smile of someone who knows he’s giving in but is definitely okay with it. He runs back to the newly-fixed truck as Sean slows it back down, tossing his guitar to Jay and hopping into the passenger seat. Dylan snatches his stolen hat back as Jay fist bumps Brian through the window between the bed and the cab, and Jay scowls for a moment before inevitably grinning as the vehicle picks up the pace again, speeding off into the sunset like it’s some Disney movie.

What a wild ride.

The Temple of Fate Part: 4

By: Korynn Gagne

There was no sound in the roofless houses, all lined up in rows, just like elementary school, complete with passing notes in class.

There was rabble of “revolution” amongst the kids, manifested within the notes that were passed beneath the doors. It seemed to Amber that the schools had done something of use in their preparation, two things actually. The schools taught that if the children kept calm enough, the deities could not feed off them, and without their feed they would become weak. Amber thought that made them sound like animals instead of divine beings, but it was convenient. The second thing the schools had done right was handing out repellent incantations to each student on their first day at the school. Everyone had just hung the incantation on their fridge. Disappointingly, but obviously, the incantations had been completely destroyed, but amongst two thousand children, it was inevitable that they could piece the incantation together somehow.

The notes passed beneath the doors weren’t on paper by this point. The children only had the resources lying around the rooms which they had been trapped in to work with. Children were scratching notes into silverware and wood shavings, some children were texting one another, that is, until their phones were destroyed. Children were even writing by scuffing winter boots on broken floor tiles. How they managed to break floor tiles, Amber could not comprehend.

There were a lucky few who were trapped were with their scorched backpacks. These children, everyone was grateful for, as they could provide commodities such as paper, writing utensils, and scissors. Calculators were passed around from room to room, kids writing words on them using the numbers.

Amber heard a scrape as a calculator was passed underneath her right door, she had been waiting for that. Notes had been passed for the past hour to brief everyone on the plan. Her only question now was: What were they all going to do afterwards?

She read the numbers to herself: 70836. She examined it from several perspectives, finally finding a word after reading it upside down. “Readl”...? No, “Ready.” They had been over it before, once that calculator was passed to a child, said child could begin their escape. There was a small piece of tape on the top of the calculator, it was very smudged, but the number was clear enough, “2000.”

The plan was set. Amber could already feel the adrenaline. They were doing this.

Matt squinted to see the trail of matches they had left behind them, it was like Hansel and Gretel. He looked in front of him to see the path to his destiny; and he was being guided by an immortal sentient soap sculpture. He walked faster, holding his head high.

He knew nothing of the future but greatness. He’d be great, he’d save his people. Whether he lived or died, he’d be great. That was just the bottom line. Then, he collided with Tangum.

“By any chance, are you a royal?” She hardly asked the question, she more stated it, as though she knew the answer.“Yes,” he replied.

“Of course,” she said, “They’re always royals, there’s always a monarchy.”

“But isn’t it amazing that just a few people can represent a whole people? I think so.”

“Keep your philosophies, I’ll keep mine.”

Check out parts one through three in the previous issues from this year.

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Photography Corner

Overlook Wingspan

Wingspan is a student-created newsletter. Our writers come up with creative content and publish their articles with the help of Mrs. Sparrow and Mr. Duncan