Bend Adventure Boot Camp

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Getting started with the right tools!

You guys did a great job today with Day 1 of your new 5 week program. If you are starting tomorrow, you are in for some fun workouts and amazing support.

Whether you are a returning athlete or a brand new athlete to class you will all be experiencing changes in your body as long as you do the following:

1. Make a commitment to come to class. Whether you come once, twice, or four times a week make it a point to schedule it in and get to your class on time. Please remember to sign up for the classes you plan to attend each week.

2. Give your full effort. Ask for modifications when needed and be open to trying new things.

3. Challenge yourself. If you are not leaving each day knowing you gave it your best then start fresh the next day knowing you will give it your all. We can't make progress if we don't try.

4. Nutrition: This is 75%+ of what you are going to see in your appearance, the way you feel, the number on the scale etc. Add in consistence exercise and you are doing everything you can do see the results and the healthy gains. Note: Nutrition info will be e-mailed out individually so we can set up new goals and discuss the details.

No Grain Challenge Winners

We launched a rather lengthy challenge the end of the last camp and I purposely kept it going to help you guys stay in check during your week off. The two week challenge has now ended and it is time to announce the winners of our weekly challenge.

As a way to keep our challenges fun and motivating the winners will be given a dozen of Dyxie V's amazing gluten-free granola bars. These bars have won over many of the athletes including myself and are made of all natural wholesome goodness. If you are interested in purchasing your own supply you can reach out to Dyxie at:

Drum roll .....

Congrats to:

Amanda Morris 6am
Debbie Cole 6am
Brooke Mead 9am

Our first challenge will be launched this Friday so stay tuned....

Onset Muscle Soreness

We have all been there, you come to class, give it your all and the next day or two you wake up and can't sit or you are so sore you don't feel like you can make it to class.

Yes, this is normal and yes, coming to class will make it better.....we promise!

What is Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness??

DOMS can be new and it can be alarming for new exercisers, delayed onset muscle soreness is a normal response to unusual exertion and is part of adaption process that leads to greater stamina and strength as the muscles recover and build the changes in muscle strength and growth over the next few weeks.

Your muscles may feel a little sore the day after or two days after but the most important thing to do is to stay moving and stay active. Wednesday's are our Active Recovery days where I encourage you all to get out and walk, hike, run, ride your bike, swim, go to yoga or barre3 and keep your body moving. Hydration is also a key factor in replenishing your muscles. There will be more on hydration later this week but in the meantime make sure you are doing the following:

1. come to class
2. Stay active...if you sit for work, get up every hour or so and move around. Try working while standing or even just get out for a bit of fresh air.
3. Stay hydrated
4. A nice epsom salt bath is always a good option
5. Ice can also be another.

If you have any questions or if something is feeling not sore but rather painful let Lindsay or myself know immediately as we will want to discuss some more details to help you stay active but also injury free.