Classroom News

Mrs. Embretson, November 15

Week at a glance...

Reading: Our focus this week was using non-fiction books and magazines to learn new information and identify the main idea. We compared and contrasted fiction and non-fiction text. Most of our stories were about Veterans Day and soldiers.

Writing: We celebrated the opening of our new transportation center by writing why bus drivers are important and our 3rd grade buddies helped us write why we are thankful for veterans. I am excited to see more students writing sentences to tell about their picture.

Math: This was a week of review and assessing student skills for mid-quarter. Next week we will begin Unit 3 which includes solving addition and subtraction equations.

Social Studies/Science/Health: In addition to learning about Veterans Day, we started a science unit on living and non-living things.

Snack Helpers, Nov. 16-20







Building attendance goal: 96%.

Our class attendance this week: 98.79%!!!! WooHooo!


Mid-quarter reports will be sent home on Friday, November 20

No School November 25-27

Please help us keep our lost and found to a minimum by writing your child's name inside jackets, hoodies, and hats. Thank you!

Don't forget to send in Box Tops. Our goal is 1000 by February.