Alam Sidhu

9th grade Cultural Geography Period C

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Samsung Galaxy S5

How does Geography incluence where and how people live where they today ?

The population density and industries, jobs influence people to live there.

What is Globalization ?

Globalization is how countries trade products and buy from each other to make money and profits.

Environmental effects of industries.

People who live around factories have air pollution due to different things that factories use. It is really dangerous living next to certain factories. Like the Samsung factory has a lot of pollution like carbon dioxide and other materials.


Some countries don't have access to certain type of technology can get supplied by other countries that make them. Vietnam supplies countries with phones so they have access to the latest technology.


Some countries might be very poor to afford high end technology. Other countries still help them get access. Some countries can't afford smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy.


Samsung makes about billions of dollars by other countries buying their products.

What are the solutions ?

The solutions to avoid pollution is that people don't live near the factories. Countries who don't have access to newer technology Can get supplied, even the poorer countries. Samsung is one of the good money making businesses like Apple, LG, or Motorola.

What are the pros and cons ?

Pros: Samsung can supply countries and make money

They can compete with other companies

Cons: There is a lot of pollutions and environmental problems

Very harmful for nearby product

How does geography and globalization relate to me ?

Geography does affect where, how I live where I do today.

By buying products that other countries make, when I buy their product, they are making money.

Geography and globalization Impact my life.