TUSD Robotics

Student Showcase 2022

Elementary Robotics- Phase 2

Elementary students at thirteen TUSD school sites have been busy learning how to build and drive the VEX IQ clawbot to play the game Highrise. Once students learn how to play the game, they innovate their robot to try and score even more points. The object of the game is to move cubes to the goal zone and also try and stack the cubes.

This is where students get their first opportunity to begin their TUSD Robotics journey. Some students will continue to build and program robots to play the official VEX robotics games each season into middle and high school.

Thank you to the following coaches for your time and energy spent hosting a robotics club at your school site during the second half of the school year! Each coach hosted a student showcase to demonstrate all that was learned. Great job coaches!!

Benson Elementary -> Coach Dana Taylor

Beswick Elementary -> Coach Jeanette Lopez

Estock Elementary -> Coach Haylee Harwick

Guin Foss Elementary -> Coach Kristina Noriega

Heidman Elementary -> Coach Renee Sandavol

Heritage Elementary -> Coach Summer Peig

Hicks Canyon Elementary -> Coaches Kim Cunningham and Annie Pacelli

Ladera Elementary -> Coach Alex Ha

Loma Vista Elementary -> Coach Krista Johnson

Myford Elementary -> Coach Tiffiny McMillan

Nelson Elementary -> Coach Jessica Page

Peters Canyon Elementary -> Coach Madeline Keller

Sycamore Elementary -> Coach Sean Gallager

Ladera Robotics

Peters Canyon Robotics

Heidman Robotics

Heritage Robotics

Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who helped make this opportunity possible for TUSD students. A special thank you to our sponsor, the Tustin Public Schools Foundation!
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