Islamic Finance المصرفية الإسلامية

March 27th @ 13:00 - 14:00 GES Bleachers

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Islamic what?

In a nutshell, Islamic finance refers to the means by which corporations in the Muslim world, including banks and other lending institutions, raise capital in accordance to Sharia, or Islamic law. The UK - and London in particular - has already become a centre for Islamic finance.

More than a dozen banks deliver Islamic finance transactions. There is hardly a large professional services firm that does not have specialist Islamic finance teams. It has helped transform London's skyline by financing in whole or in part developments such as The Shard, Chelsea Barracks, Harrods and the Olympic Village.

We, Roya and Katharine, think this is an exciting topic, which has not received enough attention yet. Therefore we have developed a 60 minutes brown-bag including a Q&A session, which will give you just the right amount of information to cover the basics of Islamic Finance: how it works, why it is up and coming and relevant to us as an organization. We aim to raise awareness and start building a network to form and embrace future opportunities in this field.

When & where

Date: March 27th 2015

Time: 13:00 -14:00

Location: Bleachers @ GES

Presenters: Roya Rahnejat and Katharina Kugler

Refreshments: Coffee, Tea and Baklava (traditional Middle Eastern sweet pastries)

Why you should come along...

Well, for starters, come for treats. There will be some Baklava ( traditional Middle Eastern sweet pastries) to get you in the mood... If that does not excite you, come to learn about different cultures and economies, to find out how Islamic Finance is different to conventional banking and network!

What we will be covering:

Overview of Islamic Finance industry

Principles of Islamic Finance

Difference to conventional banking

Common Sharia compliant instruments

Challenges in Islamic Finance

Business opportunities for Capco

Contact us if you have any questions

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