Jefferson Teachers

Winter 2015

Guidance Lessons

Each month all classes are provided with a guidance lesson. The focus of the lessons centers around the Six Pillars of Character and additional skills needed for academic and social success.

September - Respect: Students discussed respect and generated ways in which they could fill other's and well as their own buckets by showing respect at home, school and with friends.

October -Mindfulness: Students learned what it means to be present and practiced using a guided imagery. Students imagined themselves going on an undersea adventure or taking a trip on their very own spaceship.

November & December -Trustworthiness and Responsibility: Students discussed what it means to be responsible which in included discussions on honesty and being trustworthy. They explored how being responsible meant owning up to their mistakes and how mistakes are a good way to learn.

January & February -Caring: Students will increase their feeling vocabulary, identify triggers for the different feelings they have and focus on positive ways to deal with feelings. Coping skills as well as dealing with social conflict will be reviewed.

March - Citizenship: Just in time for the project based learning month, I will focus on the power of positive thinking and teach students about having a growth mindset and teamwork.

If you have additional ideas or topics you'd like to see, please feel free to share!

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