Renaissance Musicians Through Time

Learn the places where greatest musicians worked and lived

Oude Kerk, Amsterdam

The first stop is found in the capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam. This was the area where Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck grew up. From 1564 to 1578, Sweenlinck was an organist in the Oude Kerke.

Cambrai, France

The second stop on our tour is Cambrai, France. It is the place where Guillaume Dufay spent most of his life. Cambrai Cathedral is where he worked for 1418. He travled around the place until he eventually returned. He stayed in Cambrai for a decade. Dufay also returned for his final years.

Beersel, Belgium

Our final destination brings us to Beersel, Belgium the tour will afterwards return the Amsterdam. Once more in Belgium. We find the birth place of Guillaume Dufay. He was a bastard child of a priest and a woman called Marie du Fayt.

Mons, Belgium

The fourth stop on tour is Mons, Belgium. Orlando de Lassus, one of the most famous renaissance composers, was born here. There is not much record on Lassus' childhood, but people suspect he was kidnaped 3 times for his voice.

Milan, Italy

The Second stop on our tour. Josquin des Prez composed one of his most famous pieces called El Grillo (the cricket) in milan as well as his second most famous piece. In te Domine speravi (I have placed hope in you, my Lord). Josquin was famous for the simplicity of his motets. This location is a important place in Josquin's life as he composed his master pieces here.
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Rome, Italty

The final stop on the tour is Rome, Italy. In rome Josquin des Prez joined the papel choir as a singer. He was a singer during two popes time, Pope Innocent VIII and Pope Alexander VI.

Map of the Tour

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