Mrs. Krajewski's Second Grade Scoop

September 12, 2014

What's Going On?

I have one correction from last weeks newsletter. Our class will be having Ms. Monson for gym this year. They will have Ms. Luberda also as they work very closely together, but their assigned teacher is Ms. Monson. I would like thank one of our parents for sharing a success that she and her daughter discovered on They did it on the computer and on an Ipad and felt the I-Pad was easier due to the keyboard. No stress without an I-Pad because the keyboard will become familiar with practice.

I met with some moms the other day who offered to help out with parties and activities. One person offered to organize a theme basket contribution for our school fundraiser way later in the year. I am just asking if anyone has connections to any great themes? Thoughts on this are Badgers, Brewers, Packers, or any other ideas you have. Mrs. Kaminski will be selecting a theme at some point in the future so I thought I would ask early. Please let me know if you have a great thought or connection, otherwise I am sure you will hear more in January or so.


On Fridays we play Homeworkopoly. In order to roll the dice students have to have completed the following: Assignment notebook signed daily, homework turned in Tuesday through Friday, spelling turned in by Thursday, and completed four times the previous week. Students have the opportunity to win prizes and earn passes. Please help your child by establishing great home routines to help your child be successful.