The Elf That Stole Christmas

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Kringle McJingles, one of santa's most hated elves, decided he was going to have a fun Christmas. Kringle, while eating a double-decker 400-pound sugar cookie, decided on his evil plan that would involve killing the most loved man in the world... Santa Clause. He was always jealous of the amount of cookies Santa was given on Christmas, so he went to South Africa, got Ebola, and came back to the North Pole without anyone even noticing. The virus, on the fat elf Kringle, is one that has never found a cure. Thinking in the shower, Kringle thinks he may have discovered one. The double-decker, 400-pound sugar cookie! On Christmas eve, Kringle went up to Santa, gave him Ebola, and then left without anybody noticing. He then ate one of his magical double-decker, 400-pound sugar cookie! Kringle, who was now Ebola-free, and Santa was diagnosed with Ebola and passed away just minutes later. There was only one problem in the North Pole, but not for Kringle. There needed to be a hero to take the job of Santa! Kringle, the fattest elf of all, decided that he was going to take power. Kringle was Santa and every kid in the world loved him! But then Santa rose from the dead, and he had a candy cane knife in hand and he was coming after Kringle...

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Adjective Clause

Adverb Clause