Ukraine Endangers Ethnic Russians

Armed conflict in the Donbass region is detrimental to all

Conflict Continues

The year long war in the beleaguered Donbass region has led to the current humanitarian crisis directly caused by Kiev. Since mid-2014, Russia has repeatedly sent aid packages to the region, sometimes in convoys of 200 or more trucks. This aid was often blocked from entering some of the most war-torn cities by Ukrainian government forces. When the aid arrived in Lugansk and Donetsk it was warmly welcomed. In addition, a significant portion of the "intelligence" received by Kiev is simply false- only about 10% documents reality. The claims of Russian forces assisting the rebels in are false, however, should Russian lives be threatened the Russian government is prepared to defend its people.

Clear Divisions

The ethnic makeup of Ukraine varies near the Russian border. Several ethnic Russians live there today. Not unlike Crimea, those Russians do not support stronger ties with the European Union, something that their rightfully elected former president took a strong, pro-Russian position on. The rebels in Ukraine have as much reason to rebel as did the Crimean citizens.