How to Identify the Supernatural

A guide by Hannah Howell

Step One

Identify the noises. Are you hearing strange noises? You can try and find what is making those noises. If you find something logical (an example would be a washing machine making those weird noises) then you may not have a supernatural being in your household.

Step Two

Now that you've discovered that the noises you're hearing may not be from that broken down washing machine, it's a good idea to keep a close watch on your belongings. Supernatural beings have the ability to move objects around. Although supernatural beings can be found during the day, it's a good idea to buy some cameras. Cheap ones will do. You just need footage of the supernatural being.

Step Three

So you bought some cameras, and you have footage of the supernatural being? If you answered yes, you may want to consider moving far, far away. If you answered no, check your belongings. If something has moved, you are at a risk of having a supernatural being in your house! You may want to set up some tricks to prove your hypothesis. Commonly used, but very effective tricks, are:

  • Opening a door before you go to sleep. If the door is shut, then you've discovered that you have a supernatural being in your house. This also works with closed doors. If it's open in the morning, you have a supernatural being.
  • Buy a battery-powered candle that doesn't automatically go off. Put new batteries in and turn it on before going to sleep. If it's off in the morning, this means you probably have a supernatural being in your house.

Step Four

Well, your tests worked, and you are convinced you have a supernatural being in your house. That's okay! Our final step is easy. Pack your things and find somewhere else to live, preferably far away. You are probably scared, and the best way to calm yourself down is to simply panic. In fact, why would you even try to be calm when you're dealing with the supernatural?