Ukkusiksalik National Park

Located in Nunavut Territory, Canada

Gaze upon Beautiful Scenery in Ukkusiksalik Park!!

In Ukkasalik National Park, there are 20 500 km2 of eskers, mudflats, tundra, and coastal regions. The park is named for the soap stone found within its boundaries.

Wildlife abounds here!

Inside the park's boundaries, wildlife is abundant. There are birds of prey, waterfowl, polar bears, Arctic foxes, Arctic wolves, caribou, Arctic hares, and wolverine. There are also Ringed Seals, Common Seals, Bearded Seals, walrus, belugas, and narwhal.

A few of the Types of Wildlife


There are guided tours offered of the park and boating tours as well. You can visit tent rings and qarmaq as well as relics of the Hudson's Bay Company and Roman Catholic missions. You can visit the Wager Bay Islands, Ford Lake and the reversing falls, and Hudson's Bay Company outpost.

Usually visitors aren't allowed into the park until the beginning of July to the beginning of August. Before that date, Wager Bay is covered in to much ice to be accessible by boat and in the autumn there is a local saying, "During summertime you may watch polar bears. Afterwards, polar bears watch you!" The park is only accessible by a hired plane or a motor boat but ice problems may slow down your boat progress.

Vegetation and Plant Life

The Park is mostly tundra so there are tundra grasses which are tough and short because of the temperatures and winds. There are also 25 other kinds of flowering plants. Most of those are related to alpine plants but are different.