World Cup (Spain)

Avery, Heather, and Kaylee

History and Background of Soccer in Spain

Soccer came to Spain in the late 1900's as an import from the British Isles. In Spain, soccer is actually known as "futbol". The first official futbol club was started at the end of 1889 called the Huelva Recreation Club. The Huelva Recreation Club was formed by British immigrants working at the Spanish Rio Tinto Company. Soccer is the most loved in Spain.

World Cup

The World cup is a sports competition between teams from several countries, in particular an international soccer tournament held every four years. The first FIFA World Cup event was held in 1930 when Jules Rimet decided to stage an international soccer tournametn. Spain is one of only eight countries ever to have won the FIFA World cup, which it did at the 2010 FIFA World Cup, in South Africa. Spain reached fourth-place in 1950, and has reached the quarter-finals four times.