Coyote Creek News

May 20th

The Importance of Music at Coyote Creek

We're fortunate to have a Music Teacher, Mrs. Larue who teaches Music to students from Kindergarten to Grade Four and Mrs. Pataky who is our Grade Seven Band teacher at Coyote Creek. The Surrey School District is committed to the Arts and through the efforts of these two teachers, students are learning proper technique for singing, dance, playing an instrument and lifelong skills that may open doors of opportunity down the road.

Since there is such a strong demand at Coyote Creek next year for Band instruction, we will have two Grade Seven Band classes in the fall and look forward to more good things in the areas of Fine Arts for 2013/2014.

Thanks to Mrs. Larue and Mrs. Pataky for all the work you do to open up new doors for learning and opportunity for Coyote Creek students.

What's Happening at Coyote Creek in May/June

May/June Activities

May 23rd Mini Meet - Discus and High Jump @ Coyote Creek

May 27th Pro D Day (school not in session)

May 30th Mini Meet - William Watson Elementary School

May 31st PAC Sponsored FUN NIGHT

June 5th District Sponsored Track Meet @ Bear Creek Park

June 14th Grade Seven Grad