How was UGA founded?

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The University of Georgia is the flagship institution of the State of Georgia. It holds the title of being the first state chartered institution in the country. Abraham Baldwin ,a graduate of Yale University and signer of the U.S. Constitution, wrote the charter for the University of Georgia which went into place in 1785, making it less than 10 years younger than the United States' independence.

The University of Georgia did not begin to hold classes until 1801. The reason for this is suitable land had to be found on which to plant the University. John Milledge donated the land, around 600 acres, on which the University and the city of Athens now sit. In 1804 under the tutelage of Josiah Meigs the first class of students graduated from the University of Georgia or Franklin College as it was then known.

Since the first classes in 1801 the University of Georgia has expanded. There have been 16 schools and colleges added to University outside of the original Franklin College. The University of Georgia's main campus is situated on 762 acres in Athens, Georgia. As the flagship instution for the state of Georgia it has been a leader in Georgia since its founding. As it enters its 231st year of existence it continues to be a leader.

As Larry Munson famed announcer of the University of Georgia once said, "There is no tradition more worth of envy, no institution worthy of such loyalty, as the University of Georgia."

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- Plan a visit to the University of Georgia. Even if it's not a place you would consider attending as a student. Every single person should have some experience of visiting a college campus.

- Football is a huge part of the fabric that holds the University of Georgia together.