Is it right for you??

What is it?

Creatine is a natural compound that is created from phosphate molecules and amino acids found in your body. Creatine is also stored in the skeletal muscles and produces energy that helps your muscles contract during each work out.

How does is work?

Synthetic creatine is used to help the performance of athletes during strenious work outs. It gives you the ability to push your muscles to work harder, increase muscle mass, and help the recovery time of your muscles. ATP is released after power stroke it helps the body's muscles contract. Pros: When you intake creatine, it allows the ATP to recycle quicker, which gives you a boost of energy giving you more power, and therefor you can condition your muscles longer and harder.
This is an example of how Creatine works together with ATP when it has been ingested into the body.
How does Creatine work?

Is Creatine right for you?

Creatine's best results are for athletes such as sprinters, weightlighters, and bodybuilders. It is intened to help performance during workouts for example: sprinting faster and farther, adding more weight to your weights, and getting in a couple extra reps. Which leads to greater muscle development.
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Creatine can cause dehydration in the body, also it can be harmful to your kidneys and bladder due to the metabloites found in creatine. If you reguluarly take creatine,and stop ingesting the supplment your body loses energy and can cause fatigue.

Over all opinion

I belive that creatine should be for people who are looking to gain muscles, increase muscle previous mass, or who are profecessional athletes. I would not recommend the Creatine supplement to the avgerge joe, becuase over all it will not help you preform at the level you're expecting. Also it has some health risks that can be avoided by simply not taking the supplement. Teenagers should not use creatine in their workouts becuase their bodies are still develping, and they will get the same results by maintaining excerise, a healthy lifestyle, and diet.