Packing for Survival

Survival Kit Essentials

Large Coffee Can or Small Metal Container

This is for fitting things in the can to make packing easy and compact. Also, you can use it to get drinking water. You can also cook food and boil water.

Small Mirror and at least 25 Feet of Nylon Braided Rope

You can use it to make a fire if its sunny. You can also use to signal your rescue party.

You can use the rope to make shelter or to tie things.

Fishing Line and Hooks, Two Large Trash Bags, and Emergency Blanket

You would use the fishing line and hooks for catching fish. So you have food too.

You would use the trash bags for ponchos or for trash.

You would use the emergency blanket if someone gets lit on fire.

Two Boxes of Waterproof Matches and a Small Knife

You would use the matches for lighting a fire.

You would use the small knife for cutting rope, carving animals and fish, or hunting an animal.

First Aid Kit and a Whistle

The first aid kit is used for any sort of injury, allergy, or bite.

The whistle is so that the rescue party can find out where you are. Three blows of the whistle means S.O.S..

Instant Soup and a Granola Bar or a Power Bar

The instant soup is to cook over a fire and eat instantly.

The granola bar or power bar is also to eat, but it will give you energy to continue on.