The Best Night

Alex Granados

I enter and I see everyone warming up ready to dominate. A little later the referee blew the whistle to notify that he was ready. We all setup in our positions to play the game and have fun. We kicked off the ball and everybody in a few seconds they go blasting off . I go running and an accident happens.

I suddenly get hit in the eye with the other players elbow hitting me. After that I sit out to catch my breath and rest to be put back in . Later on we are in the second quarter this is where it gets good. Earlier in the game I was defender now I'm in front. I get handed the ball this is where the magic happens.

Our teammates were all working together I was helping making goals. We all played our positions right and won the game. A little later the mom and dads all handed out snacks and drinks . I went home yelling in cheer. All night I couldn't stop thinking about it.

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