Skype Interviews

Dear GCO,

Matching season is here and we are no where close to our targets. One of the problems we identified was the inconsistency between every Skype Interview. Not only do we lack a standard set of questions, but we also don't track the answers to the same. In the following few passages, you will find a set of questions and a tracker to the answers. The tracker should be filled with specific requirements that the EP may need during his or her stay in Bangalore. So go ahead and match away!
AIESEC - Why We Do What We Do

Before the Interview

Ensure that you are clear about the following details

  • About the project (JD, TN ID, etc.)
  • Accommodation
  • Transport
  • The intern's background

Do keep in touch with the intern between the period of application and the interview so that he/she doesn't get too tempted by other projects, and be on time.

The Interview


This is the opening of your conversation, so make sure its fun and lively. Ask your interviewee how they are, about their country and whatever else you can think of. Just make them comfortable so that they really open up to you.

The Main Questionaire

Following are the questions you need to ask during the interview. Make sure you note down anything that you think the candidate needs exclusively for his internship here to be successful on this tracker:

  1. Have you been on an AIESEC internship before?
  2. Why do you want to go on an AIESEC internship?
  3. Why do you want to come to Bangalore or India? (If they have expressed interest in coming here)
  4. Tell them how your project is tailor made for what they want.
  5. When can you arrive at the earliest?
  6. What do you expect to gain out of this internship?
  7. Are there any specific details I should know about you before I finalize this match?
  8. Do you have any questions?

Other Details to Cover

  1. TN fee: $165/-
  2. Safety
  3. EP AN


  • Sound excited. EPs are more likely to accept your offer if you seem eager to have them.
  • Know your product. Don't bullshit. If you aren't sure of an answer, tell them that you will find out and get back to them.
  • Do NOT promise them what you cannot deliver. Ensure that expectations are set right right from the interview.
  • Make them believe that they have already decided to take up the offer. For example, ask them WHEN they're sending you the EP AN rather than IF they're sending it.
  • Ensure that the interview is more conversational. that way the EP will feel less nervous and more connected to you.



As mentioned earlier, you have told your EP that this project is custom made for them. Take this to the next level by noting simple details that may be useful while perhaps, providing the EP kit. Note down details like allergies, and maybe even favorable tourist interests. That way, when your EP arrives, you would have done your research on what the EP would want to talk about/see/buy and this will only make it easier for a higher NPS.

Track the noted details on this tracker:

VISA Documents

No deal can be closed without some standard paperwork. Following are the documents your EP will need for their VISA to be processed.

1. TN AN

2. IL

3. Namma Bengaluru Booklet

Do note that there may be other documents that they may need depending on their country's foreign policy with India. Hence, it is crucial for you to keep in touch with your EP especially during the time when they're getting their VISA processed.

That's all folks!

Now go, match.

Gladston Sequeira

Vice President

Social Sector Incoming

AIESEC in Bangalore


Monisha Dhamodharan

Vice President

Social Sector Incoming

AIESEC in Bangalore