Art Classes

Taught by Heather Sheehan

Finger Knitting

Have you seen all the knits around town?!? Come learn how to make your very own scarf or neck wrap using just your fingers and some yarn. The style of knot that we will use is tightly woven together so these scarves will be extra warm. This class is scheduled on a MCPASD day OFF OF SCHOOL! Come into the studio for some fun!

Code: 2016.604

Seed Bead Threading

Let’s make pretty things! Students will work with tiny seed beads to create bracelets and necklaces. They will learn different threading techniques to make things even adults will want to wear! Threading can be addicting- don’t be surprised if your child wants to continue beading at home!

Code: 2016.609

How To Register

Internet: Classes or programs may be available for internet registration through RecDesk. Find the activities you want to register for by visiting and click on recreation programs to get access to the RecDesk site.

Mail-in: using the form online and mailing it to the address listed below.

Walk-in: Come to City Hall (7426 Hubbard Ave.) during business hours (8:15am-3pm).

We do not accept phone registrations.