The Mythology Behind ZOMBIES


The Truth Behind Zombies

Zombie originated from Haitian tradition of voodoo. This tradition consisted of bokors using “Zombie Powder” that was made by grinding up human bones, puffer fish toxins, poisonous toads, and other ingredients are necessary. Once you mix all these together the victim will start scratching themselves causing the poison to enter the system. They will enter temporary paralysis then so causing them to become a “zombie”

Zombies How We Know Them Today

Today we know zombies as melted face, brain eating, and shuffling around like people going to work on a Monday. We see them in many shows such as the Walking Dead. Lots of these shows just go down the drain, BUT there is a few that become known world wide. We watch these shows every once and a while but don't realize

Haitians were the inventor of the word zombie coming from Haitian french word zombi

Now you know the truth about zombie

Do you think that zombie CAN BE MADE?!?!??!?!?!