Miami Heat

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Miami Heat is a basketball team!!

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Miami Heat was first established on 1989

Miami Heat chose their location for a reason, in some way they relate to Miami and that they have some connection to this city, THEY SUPPORT MIAMI


Miami Heat does there best

Country/ city/ Providence

Miami locations

Country: U.S.A.

Providence: Florida

City: Miami

location info

Region feature ect.

Region/ Language

This place is located at South Eastern Florida and the most of the language spoken there is mostly English, and any other side languages is: Spanish and French :)

3 intresting fax about Miami

  1. There are 3,000 lake there and over 1,300 golf courses in Miami
  2. The Saint Johns River is one of the fewest rivers that flows north instead of south
  3. Venice of Florida is known as the shark tooth capital of the world!!

Team Maskot Information


Burnie is the tem maskot of the Miami Heat's and is a bird, a nick name connects to the warm temperature in Miami led to the name, thus Miami Heat.

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Established: 1989

Founder: ?

reason for the location: Because they support miami heat

This maskot DOES NOT connect to the history of the region!!


Stadium/ arena: American Airlines Arena

Near American Airlines.

Another name: Miami Arena!

Why has there been this shift in naming stadiums? Because they want more sponsers, and then the stadium will be named after them!!

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