Columbus Day Should Be Abolished!

Aline Chavarria; 2nd Period; Regional Studies LA

Reason Number 1 : He Didn't Really Discover America

Christopher Columbus was not really the first one to Discover the New Lands. Before he got to the lands, there were about 18 million people there. It is also said that the Vikings were in these lands about 200 years before Christopher Columbus. They already had a way of living and of going on with their daily events. Discovery, defined by

The American Heritage Dictionary , to find, learn, or observe. However Christopher Columbus did not find, observe, of learn of the Americas First.

Reason Number 2 : Other Europeans Knew

Other Europeans already knew about this land that he called the New Lands. There is evidence about him having a chart that was given to him by a mariner who had travel to these lands to trade and sell goods. He said that going on that voyage was going to prove that the world was not flat , as many people thought before. He and many other didn't really think that the world was flat. People think that all he wanted to do was claim these lands. I agree!

Reason Number 3 : A Way Of Living Was Already Taking Place In The Lands

Since it is said that the Vikings were in those lands before Christopher Columbus, the people that were here initially already had a way of living their daily lives. They already had tradition, superstitions, and beliefs. Medicine, a way of communicating, art, music, and science were already present when Columbus arrived. The men on the voyage would have never survived in those lands without the hunting techniques and medicine of the Indigenous. Religion was a huge factor in the lives of these people's daily lives, that is why it is said that Christopher changed the religion of the 'few' already in those lands.