Ms. Tiffani's Class News

Week of Nov. 9th

Important Dates

Nov. 24th - Save the Date - Thanksgiving Feast - please RSVP (links below)
Nov. 25-27 - No School

What Are We Learning???

We will talk about the number 12. We will count 12 items, spell twelve, see what 12 looks like in our ten frame (we need 2), talk about which number comes before/after and tally it. So far we have learned about L, F, E, H, T, U, C ,O and I. This week we will introduce the letter Q.

This week we will finish with our clothing study. We will review the steps of doing laundry and do a sequencing activity. Our focus question this week is How Do We Make Clothes/Where Do We Get Them? We will use our environmental print knowledge to talk about and sort stores that you get clothes vs. not get clothes. Friday will be our last day of the study and we are encouraging kids to wear crazy clothes (hats, sock, mismatched, etc.). We will read the Paper Bag Princess and make paper bag vests as well!

If you need more stars for our Super Friend chart please let me know. Catch your child being Safe, Responsible, and Respectful and let us know! Let me know if you need ideas of ways to support your child's positive behavior at home! Our afternoon class filled their chart up so we will have our Superhero Party (their vote) on WEDNESDAY. Your child can wear any superhero shirts, capes, etc. on WEDNESDAY afternoon. Our morning class will vote this week. We are 1/3 of the way full! Keep those stars coming!

Speech-Language Group- Nov 16-20, 2015

We will follow directions by placing our picture in the named size can (big/little). We will read the book A Fox Got My Socks by Hilda Offen. We will identify and label the animals and clothing items in the book and identify the rhyming pairs. We will review the nursery rhyme "One, Two, Buckle My Shoe".

One, Two, Buckle My Shoe

One, two,

Buckle my shoe.

Three, four,

Shut the door.

Five, six,

Pick up sticks.

Seven, eight,

Lay them straight.

Nine, ten,

A big fat hen.

A note from Kristy.....

Hello! If any families would like a picture retake, they are welcome to go to G. Stanley Hall Elementary on 11/19 between 9:00 and 2:30. Thanks!